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    2nd:  Astronomy: GC Code: 6ohgowp
    1st, 4th, 6th: Physical Science GC Code 1st: msriy3g  GC Code 4th: pkvm7sh   GC Code 6th: s4oe6mv
    5th: Physics GC code: 4bc66fm
     Student work all student work and student photos are published with permission and may not be duplicated or copied in any way.
    Joke #1:  A neutron walks into a burger joint, asks the counterman "How much for a burger?", the counterman looks at the neutron and says, "For you, no charge."
    Joke #2 (provided by M. Eppler, edited by T. Sanders):  Two protons walk to the bus stop, one asks, "Where's electron?"  Proton responds, "He's running late, he'll miss the bus" The first proton says, "Are you sure?"  Proton smiles, "I'm positive"
    Joke #3 (provided by D. Chamberlain as anonymous):  Protons are at war with Electrons and want Neutrons to take a side, Neutrons respond, "we won't, we're neutral."
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