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    AP Computer Science A (Period 2)
    AP to Computer Science A is a year-long course which concentrates on using the computer as a problem-solving tool. This course uses the JAVA language, and looks at the basic structures of computer science. Students design and produce software to solve business and real-world problems. Special attention is given to structure, data integrity and analysis, and logical problem solving skills. 
    Personal Finance (Period 3)
    Personal Finance is designed to help students prepare for real-world financial decisions. Basic math skills will be used in computing payroll, federal taxes, budgets, credit, and banking. Also included are decision-making skills when choosing housing, automobiles, insurance, and investments. Students will begin by exploring general occupational clusters and then narrowing their focus to match their personal aptitudes and interests. All students would benefit from this class no matter what career interests they have. Recommended for juniors and seniors.      
    Algebra I (Periods 1 and 5) 
    Algebra 1 is the foundation course for the study of higher-level mathematics. Skill development will include the basic operations of real numbers, solving equations in one and two variables, writing and graphing linear equations and inequalities, the study of functions and their graphs, simplifying polynomial, rational and radical expressions, statistics, probability, problem solving, and discrete mathematics using appropriate related applications. 
    Technology Applications II and III provides students the opportunity to learn advanced applications in word processing, database, spreadsheet, and multimedia presentation, and using the Microsoft Office Suite. As computers become more critical in today’s world, these course provide the advanced experiences used for high school through career applications.
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