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    Jazz Band Syllabus



                Jazz Band is a performing ensemble that strives to develop ensemble and personal performance skills.  We will perform a number of times as a class ensemble.  You will also perform on occasion in small ensembles and as a soloist.  You may also have the opportunity to learn about music history, music theory, and professions in music.


                As a member of the Jazz Band your success depends on the work you put in, as well as the work other class members put in.  We are a team!  Each individual is important to our success.  You are important to our success!  We cannot achieve our potential if you do not participate fully in rehearsals and performances.  Consistent attendance is required; please schedule any necessary appointments (medical and other) outside of rehearsal and performance blocks.  Any student absent, tardy, or leaving early more than 10 times in a semester will not be allowed to perform with the group until the next semester.  I take roll promptly at 6:40.


                As a member of the Jazz Band you represent yourself, Colony High School, the Matsu Community, and at times the state of Alaska.  Please follow all rules or we will have no choice but to restrict your participation in performances.  Classroom rules include (but are not limited to) the following:


    ♪  No food, gum, candy, or liquid (other than water) in the band area (including practice rooms).

                ♪  Be prepared when class begins.

                ♪  Be respectful.

                ♪  Follow directions.

                ♪  No phones, i-pods, or other electronics in class

                ♪  No smoking, alcohol, or drug use at any time.

    ♪  No fighting, use of vulgar and profane language, derogatory or negative remarks. This applies to social media, activities, and other areas which may take place outside of school, but which impact the school environment.


                In addition to maintaining a passing grade in this class, you are expected to maintain at least a 2.000 GPA in your other classes to participate in the extra-curricular aspects of the class, including concerts.  Eligibility may be checked at the end of each quarter.


    The following section describes the grading policy with some brief explanation.  This class requires attendance at performances outside of class time.  Attendance at performances is not optional.


    40%      Attendance and participation in all performances.  Performances include concerts, pep band games, assemblies, etc.  Each performance is worth 100 points.  25 points are awarded for arriving on time.  25 points are awarded for being in uniform.  25 points are awarded for learning your music well and performing with the group.  The final 25 points are awarded for staying until the end of the concert and helping to clean up.   During concerts please follow the instructions you are given from the stage manager and be quiet in the wings/back hall.


    If you are absent, there is no makeup available unless the absence was pre-approved by Mr. Burton or there was an emergency.  Pre-Approval will only be given in extreme cases with at least two weeks of notice and makeup will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Making up a performance usually requires an extra performance.


    15 %    All Dress rehearsals and sectionals.  In addition to being ten percent of your grade, if you no-show a dress rehearsal you will be excluded from participating in the concert.  Dress Rehearsals for Jazz Band usually happen on the rehearsal day that is 2 or 3 days before the concert in the morning.  Sectional time should be spent rehearsing the music or skills needed for class.


    17 %    Daily Class Work.  Class BEGINS at 6:40.  This portion of the grade reflects your effective use of rehearsal.  It is dependent on your behavior, preparation, attitude, and participation.  Be prepared to begin rehearsing at 6:40 or you will be marked late.


    15%     Practice.  You are required to practice 150 minutes each week and turn in accurate practice charts.  No Late Practice Charts will be accepted!


    10%     Playing Tests.  We will have playing tests on the 12 Major scales throughout the year, as well as other exercises and excerpts from music.  


    3%       Written Tests and other homework.  Written assignments may be given covering theory, history, instrument knowledge, and other aspects involving the band program.  Tests will cover the same subjects.


    Please realize that neither you, nor I, are perfect.  I will treat you with respect and consideration and expect the same.  Many issues can be solved through respectful communication at appropriate times and in appropriate settings. 


                During the course of the class, you will be issued music, folders, and other supplies.  You are responsible for these materials.  Turn them in on time and do not damage them.  Do not use pen on your music.  Lost or damaged music must be paid for, $4.00 per sheet!  Pep-band folders are $40.00.  Music Folders are $12.00.  Locks are $5.00.  Each person is required to have their own copy of the music.  If you are unprepared for class that will be counted as an absence.


                All students involved in any instrumental music ensemble must pay a $25.00 activity fee to the main office and register on i-play.  In addition to this fee there is an instrument rental fee of $75.00 if an instrument is needed.  Students will need to have their accounts current to participate in any extracurricular activities.


                Concert Dress:  Concert dress consists of black tuxedo pants, black banded collar tuxedo shirt, black socks, black dress shoes, and a hunter green sierra tuxedo vest.  This uniform will be acceptable throughout your entire high school career.  You may order or find these items on your own, or you can purchase them through the school.  The total cost for the uniform (excluding shoes and socks) is $70.00.


    If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.


    We use “band” app to post online updates, reminders, and logistical things.  The URL for our group is https://band.us/n/a5a513B3Ad2fl.  You can download the app from the apple and android app stores or use your desktop by going to band.us and creating an account.  Our group name is Colony High School Band and Orchestra.  Please join that app as it will facilitate communication for everyone in the music program.


    It is expected that you will participate in the Matsu Jazz Festival in April.  Please realize that this will cost money (usually $25.00) for the transportation and accommodations for the guest artists.  If this provides difficulty for you, please let me know and please take advantage of the fundraising opportunities provided.










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    The last rehearsal for Jazz band will be 5/1



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