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    AP Music Disclosure


                AP Music Theory is designed to prepare students for the AP Music Theory Test, which, if passed is accepted by many colleges up to the first year of college music theory.  The test is centered on the theoretical aspects of music including composition, ear-training, and sight-singing.  However, this class will also incorporate basic keyboard skills, music history, and music literature in order to prepare music students more thoroughly for the rigors of college music programs.


    Music theory, like mathematics, builds upon concepts learned every day.  For this reason, it is important for students to be in class every day.  If absent or tardy you are responsible to have someone take notes for you and take care of missed assignments and tests outside of class time. 


    Class rules include, but are not limited, to the following:


    ♪  No food, gum, candy, or liquid (other than water) in the band area (including practice rooms).

                ♪  Be prepared when class begins.

                ♪  Be respectful.

                ♪  Follow directions.

                ♪  No phones, i-pods, or other electronics in class

                ♪  No smoking, alcohol, or drug use at any time.

    ♪  No fighting, use of vulgar and profane language, derogatory or negative remarks. This applies to social media, activities, and other areas which may take place outside of school, but which impact the school environment.


    Grading: 50% homework (This is an AP class, there will be lots of it!).  50% tests


                An assignment is worth 50% if turned in late.  No make up is allowed after 3 days.  No make up will be given for truancies.


                It is recommended that each student provide manuscript paper and a large binder to keep handouts in.  While not required for the class these will facilitate effective studying during this class, and into college. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.


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Last Modified on December 1, 2016