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          • Dan Molina- Principal

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            Email: daniel.molina@matsuk12.us 


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            Weds 8:45-1:45
               Mat-Su Day School offers a variety of non-traditional programs designed to meet the needs of Special Education students from elementary to post secondary.
            MDS Main Campus is an alternative transitional school that offers behavioral, social and emotional learning in a therapeutic environment with an emphasis on academics. Our mission is to prepare students to reach their maximum potential within their boundary school.
            Other programs include:
            Next Step is a community-based program whose main emphasis is the development of personal goals to access the community, work toward self-sufficiency, and become contributing members of the communities in which they live.
            Project SEARCH is an innovative transitional employment program at Mat-Su Regional Hospital based on the nationally recognized program. 
            RTC is an educational program set inside the Summit Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center for boys ages 11-18. Students in this program are not required to have an IEP.

            Interim Alternative Educational Setting (IAES)

            is a compensatory education program for students on long term suspension or expulsion that allows the student to continue to participate in the general education curriculum, although in another setting, and to progress toward meeting the goals set out in the student's IEP. 
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