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    Name: Mr. Ray Hafen
    M.E Special Education
    Phone number: (907) 441-1811

    Thank you for your interest in Wasilla Next Step adult transition program 
    I have served as a special educator since 1994, specializing in transition skill development for young adults who experience disability. My greatest professional desire is for all Next Step students who exit our transition program to be fully engaged in community-based vocational, social, and recreation/leisure activities. A meaningful life is one where all people contribute to the overall well being of the community. The Wasilla Next Step motto is "Others First!"
    Typical of many Alaskans, I migrated here from afar. Marriage to an Alaskan girl was my ticket to the land I spent my childhood yearning for. 
    Upon graduating from Brigham Young University, we left home in Utah and drove our two seater Nissan truck, camping gear, and a waffle iron to Alaska for a summer vacation. After a couple months of Alaska bliss we decided to spend our lives here. 
    In Alaska, I've enjoyed working as a published stock photographer; traveling and capturing images of our diverse landscapes, wildlife, and people. Running marathons and ultra-marathons is another passionate pursuit. 
    Most of all, I love spending time outdoors with my wife and two children creating memories that will last a lifetime and beyond!
    Sample of Daily Wasilla Next Step Activities
    Morning meeting including planners and work readiness training.
    Vocational training at a variety of community locations.
    Preparing own lunches. 
    Crew based work activities at a variety of community locations.
    Access to a wide variety of community locations to practice generally accepted social skills.   
    Recreation/Leisure opportunities on most Friday's. This may include outdoor activities, visits to or participation in the arts, serving in the community, or any other activities that promote healthy community living and wellness.
    big ray
    Ray Hafen


    Progress reports will be sent home each quarter.

Last Modified on August 23, 2017