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    I'm very excited for this school year.  Lessons and class newsletters will be stored on this website, so you can stay informed.
    We currently have 4 adults that are working in our Structured Learning Program. I am the teacher, Mrs. Kirchner.  This is my 15th year of teaching in the state of Alaska. I have worked in a variety of special education programs and have come to love this one the best. I attended Eastern Washington University for my bachelor in Children Studies and University of Alaska, Juneau for my masters in Special Education.  I have two children and we love to take advantage of all that Alaska has to offer, including hiking, swimming, skiing and traveling all over the state. I look forward to getting to know each of your students and families this year! 
    Mrs. Arneson is an assistant in our classroom. This is her 5th year working with us and is active in the local community with her triplets and husband.   
    Mr. Seltzer is an assistant in our classroom. He is on his 3rd year in the program and has been working with our school team as a substitute previously.  His wife and four children stay busy with sports and cub scouting. 
    Mr. Ford is an assistant in our classroom, our most recent addition. He comes with quite a bit of previous experience in a variety of other programs.  He enjoys traveling and unwinding with a good movie. 
    Aleshia Kirchner (Mrs. Kirchner)
Last Modified on October 31, 2019