Upon recommendation of its Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC), ASAA has adopted concussion management guidelines for parents developed by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) in cooperation with the CDC.
    Parent/Guardian and Student Education
    The following materials should be given annually to each student and parent/guardian prior to the student’s first athletic contest.  After reading and watching the material you will be asked to verify that you have done so via this online survey.
    Parents Guide to Concussion in Sports - Concussion - Parent's Guide

    Students Student Athlete Fact Sheet - Concussion - A Fact Sheet for Athletes
    Player post Concusion return to play protocol- Return to Play Protocol
     Heads Up
       Other Concussion Resources
       The video below explores Preston Plevrete's life after tragedy.
       Parents: “The Concussion Playbook,” award winning, user friendly          Course”
    Teen Athletes: “The Concussion Playbook,” award winning, user friendly Course