Pre-AP Information for Students & Families

  • What Pre-AP Is:

    • Pre-AP features grade-level instruction intended to give all students the opportunity for growth.
    • Pre-AP offers a focused framework, instructional support, model lessons, classroom assessments, and an optional final exam.
    • Pre-AP focuses on skills that students will need to succeed in AP courses, college, and career

  • What Pre-AP Is Not:

    • Pre-AP is not an honors program—it’s grade-level instruction that meets students where they are.
    • Pre-AP is not a curriculum. Although robust model lessons are provided, teachers have the flexibility to design their own instruction based on the course framework.
    • Pre-AP does not have a mandatory final exam and does not provide college credit.

  • The Pre-AP Program's objectives are to:

    • Offer every student access to a high-quality education that prepares them for success in high school and beyond
    • Provide educators with engaging resources and targeted assessments to support student success with grade-level expectations.

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