Budget Budget & Finance

    HOURS:  Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM  |  MAIN PHONE:  907.746.9248  |  FAX:  907.761.4091    BuildingMap

Department Overview

  • Our staff will attend conferences, seminars, and courses to continue their professional development. We will work closely with other districts to share methods, information, and ideas on budgeting and fiscal control. The success of the Budget & Finance Department translates into the maximization of resources for our students' achievement and success.

Budget Contacts


      • To provide the financial management services and support needed to assure that each student achieves at his or her highest level.

      • To continue to verify funds and positions accurately and efficiently to prevent cost over runs or misappropriation of funds.

      • To continue accountability for compliance with generally accepted budgeting and accounting practices. 

      • To be proactive in minimizing exceptions to the budget by increasing clarification of funding requirements and position requirements during the initial budget preparation process.

      • To increase interdepartmental relationships to further educate staff on budget processes and procedures.



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