ABLE is a self-paced, individualized learning center with a professional, structured environment where students receive one-on-one help and work at their own pace on 1 - 2 classes at a time.  Students work independently from 4 - 6 hours on without unnecessary interruptions or distractions.  

    ABLE provides all students with a mentor teacher to help guide them and to provide academic support and tutoring when needed.  Students will have the option of taking academic support classes to help build skills so they can successfully handle any obstacle they may encounter in their classes. All courses are blended from different sources, including Apex, to meet students where they are at so they can work independently, while help is always available within the room.  

    Because ABLE provides shortened courses for credit recovery, it is not meant to substitute for an extended high school experience.   An extended period of time in ABLE could limit a student’s opportunity to receive deeper learning and will disqualify him/her from receiving an NCAA Division I or 2 scholarship.  However, for seniors at risk of not graduating, or graduating late, ABLE provides a unique opportunity to recover all of their credits in a short timeframe so that nothing comes between the senior and the beginning of their future career.

    After filling out the application, the ABLE counselor will call to set up an interview with the parent/guardian and student.  (If the student is living on his/her own, the student can invite another supporting adult to the interview if he/she prefers).  The purpose of the interview is to allow the student and parent/guardian to ask questions so that they know that the program is the right fit.  


    Colony High School ABLE Staff:


    Benjamin Cavanaugh - ABLE Teacher/Mentor


    Ph: 907-861-5548


    Sarah Shepard - ABLE Teacher/Mentor


    Ph: 907-861-5548


    Sandy Cyr - ABLE Tutor Advisor