• Wasilla High School 2021 Graduation

    Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021

    Time: 7:00 PM

    Place: Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center 

    Graduation Expectations (PDF)



    • April 14th - Senior meeting @ 9:00 AM in the WHS Theatre

    • April 30th - Seniors who are enrolled in an APEX course must be completed

    • May 6th - Finals periods 1-3

    • May 7th - Make-up Finals for periods 1-3

    • May 12th - Senior Awards Night @ 6:00 PM in the WHS Gymnasium (submissions due by May 10th)
    • May 13th - Finals  periods 4-6

    • May 13th - Last day for seniors "Senior Walk"
    • May 14th - Make-up Finals periods 4-6

    • May 20th - Graduation Practice @ 9:00-11:00 in the Menard Sports  Complex
    • May 20th - Graduation @ 7:00 PM in the Menard Sports Complex


    Ticket and Ceremony Information:

    Each senior will receive seven wristbands (tickets)  for Graduation.  Wristbands will be available for pick-up by the graduate or parent in the Counseling Office beginning Tuesday, May 4th.  Wristbands will be an admission ticket to the Menard Center (graduates will NOT be required to have a wristband).

    If students have more wristbands than they will use, please bring them to Ms. Abell in Counseling.

    Students in need of additional wristbands can request the number they need from Ms. Abell.  Please note you might not get as many additional wristbands as are being requested, though we will try to accommodate all requests.  Additional wristbands can be picked-up Friday, May 14th in the Counseling Office.


    This year's ceremony we will be requiring masks for all in attendance, including graduates.  Social distancing measures will also be in place.    


    Warrior Nation Graduation:
    Thursday, May 20th


    9:00-11:00 AM: Graduation practice at Menard Sports Center (ALL WALKING SENIORS MUST ATTEND)

    11:00-5:00 PM: Enjoy the day with family and friends.

    5:00 PM: Meet at Wasilla High School for senior class group photo and board buses.

    6:00 PM: Buses arrive at the Menard Sports Center

    7:00 PM: Graduation Ceremony begins

    A Tradition of Excellence

    Graduation has always been a dignified and classy event at Wasilla High School.

    This is a rite of passage and the only time you will ever graduate from high school – make it special:

    • People dress up.
    • People use their best manners.
    • Often a once-in-a-lifetime event – relatives come from far away to celebrate this special day.
    • Like a wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers), people dress in the “costume of the event”. In this case, caps and gowns are the dress of the event. This year, WHS admin will provide all graduating seniors with a Class of 2021 Warrior Red mask.
    • This ceremony is not a time to be disruptive, draw attention away from speakers or from one of your fellow graduates who are crossing the stage. Simply put, PLEASE AVOID STEALING SOMEONE ELSE’S SPECIAL MOMENT.

    Graduation Ceremony Expectations:

    • Graduation gowns should be ironed (pressed) or steamed to get out wrinkles.
    • Female and male graduates are required to wear a semi-formal dress. Females: a dress, skirt, or dress pants. Males: dress pants (slacks or khakis) and dress shirt (buttons with a collar). Clothing will be checked by two staff members.
    • Students are not permitted to go barefoot, wear flip-flops, tennis shoes, shorts, or jeans. Graduation gowns may not be embellished with glitter, sequins, leis, or other decorative elements. Be mindful of awkward high heels.
    • Students will not be permitted to carry flowers, balloons, or other items with them as they enter the sports complex. Those items can be given to students after the ceremony concludes and the Alumni Class of 2021 is announced and presented to the audience.
    • No cell phones, gum, beach balls, silly string, air horns, bubbles, purses, cameras, camcorders, toys, or helium balloons. Let your parents keep your cell phone and purse with them, so they are not lost in the crowd.
    • Fees and fines need to be paid before graduation practice.

    Remember, there are always consequences for our actions. Enjoy this moment and celebrate your achievement the right way because you have earned this recognition!


    From the Registrar’s Office

    Prior to Graduation – compete Transcript Request Forms

    Official ‘graduated’ transcripts will need to be sent to your college/university.  You can prepare a RED TRANSCRIPT request form prior to your last day (they are on my door).  I will mail out official transcripts the day after graduation.  Also, there will be transcript request forms in your grad packet that you can fill out and turn in at a later date.  I always accept emails for official transcripts that need mailing ( sandra.hinton@matsuk12.us  ).  I will need your full name, date of birth and the name of the college/university AND admissions address of where you would like it sent.


    May 20, 2021 / Grad Practice and night of Graduation

    Honor Cords will be handed out to students at graduation practice.  If you believe you are to receive one to wear at graduation, please make sure you see Mrs. Hinton at the practice. 

    Otherwise, Mrs. Hinton will find you at the Menard Center, upstairs, before graduation to make sure you have the honor cord.

    Name cards will be handed out upstairs at the Menard.  Your name is printed from our student info system.  If your name is difficult to pronounce, you can write your name phonetically (how you want it pronounced) so when you hand your name card to the speaker, they can pronounce it correctly. **PLEASE only write your name as it should be pronounced – do not be silly or write something inappropriate.  HOLD ON TO YOUR CARDS THROUGHOUT THE CEREMONY!

    After you have walked across the stage, you will stop at the bottom of the stairs and have a picture taken.  Your counselors will be at tables just past the photographer.  Please stop at your counselor to receive your Graduation Packet.  Your actual DIPLOMA is in the packet, along with other keepsakes.  DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE YOUR PACKET WITH YOU once graduation is over