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    Let's Play!


    Playground Staff:  Mrs. Branham,  Mrs. Glasscock-Sanders, Mrs. Davidovics!

    Knik Elementary sometimes experiences unusual conditions regarding cold, rain, and wind. When these conditions are prevalent, we will carefully monitor them, and take appropriate action to decide if we will have indoor or outdoor recess.

    The District recommends:
    -10 degrees Fahrenheit and above -regularly scheduled outdoor recess
    -10 degrees Fahrenheit and below -shortened or cancellation of recess (at the discretion of the principal).

    Your child should be comfortable and protected from inclement weather at all times. Please don 't underestimate the importance of proper clothing, especially footwear, in cold and wet weather. During the winter months, ALL children must come to school with coats, hats, gloves, boots, and snowpants.

    Knik Elementary does not have the staff to supervise ill or recovering students. If your child is not well enough to go outside for recess, please have them continue recovering at home. All children will go out to recess unless they are working with a teacher on school work. There are special allowances for injuries, special needs , or children with a doctor's note.
    Knik Kings Recess Motto
    Safety First, Fun Second
    Guidelines for Success
    Knik Playground
    Use restroom before recess.
    Wear appropriate outdoor:
                Winter time: coat, snowpants, boots, hats, and gloves or mittens.
                Summer time: NO flip flops or opened toed shoes, short are allowed in August and May ONLY.
    Respectfully follow all directions given by monitors or other staff on playground.
    When the whistle blows at the end of recess walk to line up.


    Knik Kings

       Playground Rules

    1.    Name calling, bad language, spitting, pushing, hitting or kicking is not allowed on the playground.

    2.    No tackle games, rough housing, wrestling, play fighting, or pretend play with weapons

    3.    Do not throw or kick snow, ice, rocks, or sticks

    4.    Games involving kicking balls are allowed on the field only.

    No kicking balls anywhere except on the field.

    5.    Expectations for lining up; walk to line, zero voice level, hands, and feet are kept to yourself

     Equipment Rules

    1.    Tag games are allowed on the field only and not around any equipment. When student tags another student he/she may only tap the other student ONE time on the shoulder.

    2.    Do not jump off any of the playground equipment including swings

    3.    Do not stand on or swing sideways on swings

    4 Square Rules

    1.    Basic 4 Square rules only, no made up games

    2.    King serves from triangle when all players are ready

    3.    HIT ball only with TWO HANDS UNDERHAND, no holding or carrying  the ball

    4.    Ball must touch ground before hitting

    5.    Only ONE HIT per square

    6.    Inside lines are OUT; Outside lines are IN

    7.    While in line, keep order and hands/feet to self

    8.    Arguing involving monitor/peer helper, those players are out


    Tetherball Rules

    1.    Hit the ball with hand or fist

    2.    No holding or catching the ball

    3.    No touching or hitting the rope with hands or arms

    4.    Stay inside the play area

    5.    Do not swing on the tetherball

    6.    Arguing  that involves monitors results in both players being out

Last Modified on May 7, 2020