This planning calendar provides you with a suggested timeline of activities and deadlines to help you stay organized as you plan for post-secondary education/careers.
    CHS School Code: 020286 (needed for SAT and ACT exam registration)


    • Prioritize college choices
    •  Determine admission deadlines and requirements for colleges/post-secondary          training institutions, and scholarships
    •  Continue to visit colleges
    •  Create/update your resume
    •  Register for SAT/ACT if needed (see the CHS Counseling Testing webpage for info).    Practice books are available in the Counseling Department or on the test webpages.
    •   Be aware of timeline for competitive (requiring nominations) scholarships
    •   Make sure senior course selections meet college/post-secondary institution    expectations
    •   Prospect college athletes: check eligibility requirement  


                •  Check the CHS Counseling College & Recruiter Visit Blog regularly for a schedule of recruiter visits. This info is also posted on the Colony High School Counseling    Department page on Facebook.

    •   Meet with your counselor to explore options for after high school. Keep in mind the requirements for the Alaska Performance Scholarship. Click here for more information
    •   Ask a minimum of three adults (not a family member) to write letters    of recommendation for you that can be copied & signed as needed. letter of recommendation request form is available on the Counseling website.
    •   Make sure that you are starting all required steps in the admission, scholarship,    housing, and financial aid process at each school you want to attend. Watch for    college application DEADLINES!!! (Found on school web sites under Admissions    Information). Ask the CHS Registrar to send out in-progress official transcripts with your applications.


                •   Attend the Annual Anchorage, Alaska College and Career Fair (ACCF) at the Alaska Airlines Center. For more info visit: Anchorage Alaska College and Career Fair

    •   Keep looking for scholarship money on the Financial Aid and Scholarship page of    the CHS Counseling website. Also, research scholarships on the websites of the    schools to which you plan to apply.     
    •   Also use the Alaska Career Information System.  Click here for AKCISLook    under the financial aid links.(Name: colonyhs / Password: 4Student)    


                •  Go to UAA Preview Days!   For Schedule of event click here UAA Preview Day         
    •   If you have applied to an early decision school, make sure that everything is finalized.           
    •   Attend the MSBSD Financial Aid Night. Date, time, and location TBA.  
    •   Pick up info in the Counseling Office about financial aid options, including information    you can start getting together for the FAFSA. For more info visit studentaid.gov/fafsa.
    •   Take WorkKeys if you are applying to a technical school in Alaska and want  to raise your scores and are otherwise eligible for the Alaska Performance Scholarship.


               •   Watch for responses to your application for a military academy appointment, ROTC scholarship, or an early school decision.  

    •   Research the Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA online    at www.fafsa.ed.gov).  
    •   Review your Alaska Performance Scholarship status with your counselor.



          •   Continue applying for local scholarships!!  (Check the CHS Counseling Financial Aid & Scholarship Webpage )

    •    Verify that your applications to college or post-secondary training institutions are complete.
    •    Request mid-year transcripts from the CHS Registrar, as needed.





                •   Go to UAA Preview Days on TBA.  

    •   Complete the FAFSA by February 15 to be eligible for any of the many University of    Alaska school scholarships!
    •    Complete online applications for the University of Alaska Scholarships
    •   Keep applying for local scholarships!
    •   Make sure you are on track to graduate…keep up on your class work.


                •   Check online for your Student Aid Report (SAR), which is the report generated from    your FAFSA. When you receive the SAR, make sure all of the information is correct.

    •   Contact the financial aid office of each school that you listed on the FAFSA and ask    for a status report on your request for financial aid. Ask when you should expect an award letter.
    •   Register for AP exams. 


                •   Make your final post-secondary decisions based on the deadline stated in your offer    of admission letter(s).

    •   Continue to work hard in your classes. Despite admittance to colleges and receipt of    scholarships, your grades still count! Colleges and scholarship committees can    revoke your admission/award.
    •   Check on status of housing (dorm) application.
    •   Turn in your Senior Awards Form to your Counselor.


          •   Attend Senior Awards Night: date, time, and location TBA 

    •   AP exams.
    •   Request final official transcript from the CHS Registrar to be sent to the college or post-secondary institution you plan to attend.
    •    Verify appropriate test scores are listed on your MSBSD transcript.


                •   If you are eligible for the APS, make sure your FAFSA has been completed!!

    •   Let your college financial aid office know about any outside scholarships, grants, or    other kinds of student aid from private sources that you’ll receive.
    •   Review your financial aid award letter with your parents. Follow the directions    completely, sign it, and return it to the financial aid office. If you have questions or    concerns, call the school’s financial aid office right away.
    •   If you accepted a Federal Work Study award in your aid package, it may be your    responsibility to find an appropriate job. Check with the financial aid office. 
    •    Prospect college athletes: check eligibility requirement