Colony High School Class of

    Colony High School Graduation Ceremony

    May 17th 7PM

    The Curtis D. Menard Memorial Center

    Rehearsal is May 17th, 11AM @ the Menard and is REQUIRED.

    Contact Graduation Coordinator, Stephanie Haase, for more information.

    Grad Blast planning meeting will be Monday, April 3rd at 5:30pm in the Colony High commons

    Grad blast is a special event for seniors held the night of graduation and put together with parent volunteers. We need volunteers for all stages from pre planning to the day of the event. If you are interested, please join us to learn more.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • ASAP - Senior Slideshow photos. Appropriate baby/youth photos and senior photos are requested. Photos can be submitted directly to: kp118582@apps.matsuk12.us

    March 23rd @2:30PM - Talent/Speech Auditions for Ceremony in choir room

    April - Art submissions for program cover due (date TBA)  

    November 30th 2022 - Josten's Cap and Gown Orders Due

    • Be checking your mail for ordering information. Packets should have arrived. Let us know if you have not received one by 10/15/22. You can place your orders online at Jostens

    December 1st 2022 - Senior Pictures and Quotes Due

      • Submit senior photos here:
        • Access code is Knights
        • For senior photo, choose ONE senior photo that you want in the yearbook and submit that. 
      • QR Code for Photos
      • Submit senior quotes here:
      • QR Quotes

    February 6th-10th - Jostens orders (caps and gowns) will be available for pick up during both lunches. Grad announcements should be arriving at the school in March, we will let you know as soon as they are ready for pick up

Meeting Information

  • Colony High School's Graduation--A Tradition of Excellence

    Graduation has always been a dignified and CLASSY ceremony at Colony High School

    Like a wedding ceremony, it has this in common:

    • People dress up
    • People use their best manners
    • Like bridesmaids or ushers, people dress in the “costume of the event”—in this case, caps & gowns with a uniform appearance that states “WE ARE THE CLASS OF 2023!”
    • Not a time to express individuality with “special” decorations of caps/gowns that make you stand out or appear different than the rest of your class.
    • Not a time to disrupt the ceremony for everyone else with things that draw attention away from guest speakers or from one of your fellow graduates who is crossing the stage—in other words, NO STEALING SOMEONE ELSE’S SPECIAL MOMENT PLEASE!
    • Things to keep in mind:
      • Graduation gowns should be ironed (pressed) or steamed to get out wrinkles.
      • Clothing is semi-formal/business attire: graduates are required to wear a dress, skirt, or dress pants, a dress shirt with buttons, and a collar.
      • Students are not permitted to go barefoot, wear flip flops, tennis shoes, shorts, or jeans. Caps and gowns MAY NOT be embellished with glitter, sequins, or other decorative elements.
      • Students will not be permitted to carry flowers, balloons, or other items with them as they enter the stadium; those items can be given to students after the ceremony concludes and the Alumni Class of 2023 is announced and presented to the audience.
      • No writing of any kind on caps.
      • No gum, beach balls, silly string, air horns, bubbles, purses, cameras, camcorders, toys, or helium balloons. Let your parents or family keep cameras and purses for you so they are not lost in the crowd.
      • No flip flops (too casual for graduation) or awkward high heels that increase the likelihood of you walking like a klutz or, worse, falling on stairs/stage.
    • Fees and fines need to be paid and cleared before graduation.  THIS INCLUDES RETURN OF ALL TEXTBOOKS/LIBRARY MATERIALS
    • These are consequences of poor decisions:
      • Removal from graduation ceremony
      • Diploma withheld
      • Arrest by police;criminal charges
      • Charges and fines