• Contact Information and Availability by Teacher (alphabetical by Last Name)

    Michelle Bannon:

    • Intro to Algebra, Algebra 1, Informal Geometry
    • Email Michelle.Bannon@matsuk12.us or through the APEX messaging center
    • Office/Virtual Hours:
      •  B Week: Monday through Thursday 10:30-12:20 and Friday 1:45-2:45. 
    • The zoom link is in google classroom

    Heather Beard:

    • 8th Grade Social Studies, Civics
    • Preferred way of communication is through Apex messaging center
    • Office Hours:
      • A Weeks from 10am to 12pm
      • Fridays from 9 to 12 and 1:45 to 2:45
    • Students can schedule appointments any other time by request.

    Agnes Bowers:

    Anthony Brooke: 

    • iTech Mentor and Academic Strats
    • Contact via email: anthony.brooke@matsuk12.us 
    • Office hours are anytime they need me except 12:25-2:15 on A weeks.

    Alexandira Byrd:

    • Math 6, 7, 8, Science 6, 7
    • During non-virtual hours: email alexandria.byrd@matsuk12.us 
    • During virtual hours: 
    • Office Hours:
      • A week: 12:25pm to 2:15pm (Zoom link is emailed every week. It is the same zoom link but it gets re-sent every week to both parents and students.)
      • B week: 9:55 to 11:45am

    Crystal Daniels:

    • Math 6, 7, 8, Intro to Algebra, Algebra 1
    • I prefer email to Crystal.Daniels@matsuk12.us or through the APEX messaging center.
    • I am available:
      • 10:30 – 2:45 during A Weeks. 
      • Anytime after about 9:00 until 2:45 on Fridays.  
      • On B Weeks I will be available for a Zoom at 2:30 by request only.
    • I use Google Classroom to post announcements and reminders. 
      • I put an announcement in APEX about using Google Classroom and also sent this out in an email.
      • I post my times every week on Google Classroom.  
    • Zoom links are available by request.

    Brigid Donahue:

    Stephanie Green:

    • Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, Algebra 2, Pre-Calc, AP Statistics
    • I prefer email to Stephanie.Green@matsuk12.us  or through the APEX messaging center
    • Zoom meeting time:
      • 12:25 to 2:15 on B-weeks and 1:45 on Fridays.
    • Zoom times and permanent zoom link are on Apex under Announcements

    Ashley King:

    • High School World History and US Government
    • Preferred contact is email to Ashely.King@matsuk12.us or Apex messaging
    • My Zoom is sent as needed and is posted in APEX announcements.
    • Office Hours:
      • B week: 7:45 - 10:00 AM M-Th
      • Nearly all day Fridays

    Patricia Kohut:

    • Language Arts 8, English 1, High School US History
    • I prefer to be contacted through APEX messaging center. You can also call my classroom phone: 907-864-5442
    • My office hours for each week are:
      • “A” week:  10:00 through 12:00 Monday through Thursday
      • “B” week:  7:45 through 9:45 Monday through Thursday
      • Friday:  1:45 through 2:45
    • Zoom Link:   https://matsuk12-us.zoom.us/j/7527580509  
      • My zoom link is attached to all my emails and my APEX info as well as my homepage.
    • Link to "How To" APEX Videos:   https://www.matsuk12.us/Page/45672

    Stephen Martin:

    • Science 8, Ecology
    • Preferred contact through APEX messaging center or google sm016944@apps.matsuk12.us 
    • Office hours:
      • Week A 12:25pm- 2:15p

    Jennifer Minkler:

    • LA 6, LA 7
    • Preferred contact is email to Jennifer.Minkler@matsuk12.us or Apex messaging
    • Office Hours:
      • B Week: 7:45-9:50 (Monday-Thursday)
      • A and B Week 1:45-2:45 (Friday)
    • Zoom Hours and links are found on the Apex dashboard under “Announcements.”

    Christel Mozalevskiy:

    • Middle School Art
    • Preferred contact me is through email christel.mozalevskiy@matsuk12.us OR cm017759@apps.matsuk12.us 
    • My office hours are 7:45-940am on A Weeks
    • I do not host Zoom meetings
    • I post videos, presentations, and answer questions/problem solve with students through Google Classroom.

    Thomas Richards:

    • English 2, English 3, Creative Writing
    • I prefer email to Thomas.Richards@matsuk12.us or through the APEX messaging center
    • My office hours are: 
      • A and B weeks- 12:25-2:15 
      • Fridays 1:45-2:45
    • Zoom link sent by request. Must call to schedule CST: 907-864-5421

    Wendy Stout:

    • Mentor
    • I prefer email to Wendy.Stout@matsuk12.us or through the APEX messaging center
    • I have office hours on: 
      • Monday-Thursday by appointment from 12:30-2:00
      • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00-12:20  open time
      • Fridays from 1:45-2:45 open 
    • My zoom link is available via email request and on my google classroom page for at home learners.

    Katie Straley:

    • Social Studies 6, 7
    • APEX messaging is preferred contact for anything APEX related: questions, assignments, and making appointments.
    • Office Hours:
      • B weeks 7:50-9:45am and Friday from 11:30-12:30
    • Zoom link is located in announcements under “New office hours” and the link is sent in the weekly email

    Andrea Thompson:

    • Physical Science, AP Biology
    • APEX Messages is the preferred way of contact.
    • APEX office hours are posted in my APEX Profile and in APEX Announcements.  
      • The zoom link for students is also in APEX Announcements, it is listed as “Thompson – Zoom Link.”
    • Zoom Office hours are:
      • 12:30-2:15 M-Th Week A
      • Friday’s Every Week by appointment.