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     Name: DeAnne Sabol, CCC-SLP  
    Speech-Language Pathologist
    Phone number: (907) 352-0550

    Welcome to Kindergarten through 5th grade Speech-Language services at Shaw Elementary!
    *Covid-19 update*
    I am working on learning new platforms and methods to provide continued services for students.  Classroom teachers are using Class Dojo or Google Classroom.  I'm getting familiar with those as well as platforms more secure for confidentiality concerns for students receiving special education services.
    I am hoping that my website will be one of several ways we can keep in contact as well as supply some resources for you to use at home.
    Please feel free to contact me anytime through the email link or at my office phone during regular school hours.  
    Thank you and stay well...you are missed!
    There are a variety of service delivery models that Speech Pathologists in schools utilize.  I use a combination of several models: traditional pull-out into small groups, bursting, consultative services, and 3:1 model.
    Bursting is a model used primarily with students working on articulation.  I'll see the student 3-4 times per week for 10 minutes or less.  This type of therapy is very intensive because I am working with each student individually and getting as many good productions of targeted sounds as possible.  I'm in contact with these students several times per week which allows less time between therapy sessions.
    The 3:1 model - three weeks out of the month are designated for direct intervention and one week is used for collaborative and compliance activities.  Some of the tasks for the collaborative and compliance week include:
    -make-up services for missed sessions due to illness, holidays, assemblies, etc
    -intensive therapy or continuation of direct service for some students
    -classroom observations and collaboration with teachers
    -training for parents, teachers, and staff specific to your child's needs
    -conducting evaluations, designing therapy sessions, etc.
    The 3:1 model is designed to increase the effectiveness of speech and language therapy without increasing budget cost.  This model has been used successfully with various districts throughout the United States and is supported by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association.
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    Saturday, June 19, 2021

Phone: 907-352-9128


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors Degree from Northern Michigan University - 1990 Master of Arts Degree from Northern Michigan University - 1994 American Speech-Language Association Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC)

DeAnne Sabol, M.A., CCC-SLP

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