Dear At Home Student and Parents,


    We are excited to have you join our Colony family.  The CHS At Home Learning Website contains information about your teachers, APEX, eDynamics, and other questions you may have.  Attached are the instructions for beginning all of your at home learning courses.  Please remember that at home learners are taking a full course load and will have about the same amount of work daily as our in-person students, which means they will be spending approximately 6 hours plus homework time working daily. 


    Their classes will also differ slightly in timing and materials from the in-person learners who we are completing hands on activities with during class.  Due dates in the classes are set up to begin on a date chosen by your teacher and then are automatically cascaded to ensure completion of the course by the semester end date chosen by your teacher.  Please do not wait to begin classes or get help as it will hinder your progress.


    Students at home may complete courses by working on all 6 classes daily or work a week ahead and work on only 3 classes weekly.  All at home teachers and mentors have office hours which can be viewed on the zoom office hours calendar.  Mentors are there to help if a teacher does not have hours available that day, and mentors will be proctoring most tests.


    Your teacher will either invite you to their google classroom or will give you the code to join, and will do the same for your APEX course.  Please join both as google classroom will have important announcement and APEX will be the primary platform for teacher/student contact, turning in assignments, and completing your courses.  It is very important that you complete all parts of the orientation(s) so you know how to properly take the course.


    Before you begin any of your APEX courses, please complete the entire At Home Learning Orientation Slideshow.  If you have additional questions, you may find the answer in the APEX student guide or you can message your teacher via APEX (if possible, if you can’t log in to apex, use email or google classroom).  Please ensure your email in APEX is your @apps.matsuk12.us email associated with the school when you first log in also.


    If your counselor has enrolled you in eDynamic courses for any of your electives, they will inform you of this.  You will need to complete the eDynamic Orientation also.