Welcome 6th graders to your first year at Palmer Junior Middle School.  We have a new math curriculum this year and I'm eager for all of you to use it for the first time.  The core of the iReady curriculum is focused on peer interaction with student discussion, presentation and support.  I am hoping it will be a lot more fun than being stuck on a computer like last year.  Google classroom codes are listed below and will be the primary source of classroom communication.  At this time, I don't intend to use it for homework but we will be listing our weekly goals of what we want to cover each week and any classroom tools we will need.  In addition, i will be placing links to online material for the iReady curriculum.  I am looking forward to meeting each of you and helping you transition into middle school.



    2nd hour jcfyhn5

    3rd hour: ubguhwt

    4th hour: 3rg622f

    5th hour: 27bbmeh

    6th hour: lpket5g

    7th hour: ck6p73m