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    COVID 19 Response

    I know that this is an unusual time.  You are concerned for your family's safety, but you also want your child to continue to learn.  Even though we aren't physically at school, there are ways for your child to review as well as learn new things.

    You will be recieving a paper and pencil packet in the mail by Monday, March 23.  This is primarily review.  If your child has problems, please let me know via Remind App.

    There are many educational resources available on the internet.  I've tried to compile some of my favorites that connect to what we do in class.  

    Brain Pop Jr. - Covers a variety of subjects with informational videos & quizzes. 

    Moby Max - During school we only use the Math strand, but feel free to use the others to extend learning across subjects.

    Zearn - I use this program daily in my regular math class.  Students are used to spending 20 minutes daily working at their own level. 

    GoNoodle - You can set up a free account.  This website encourages activity.  There are dances, mindfulness, brain friendly movements, and general physical activity. 

    Epic books - I just signed up for this resource.  It provides access to thousands of books with read aloud support if needed.  This is a great option, especially if you don't have a large supply of books at home. Class code is sdb7125.  Please let me know if you have difficulties signing in.

    Newsela - Grade level appropriate news articles at an accessible reading level in a variety of subjects.

    Here are the instructions to join:

    Type this Class Link into your browser. newsela.com/quickjoin/#/KEKWNE

    1. If you are new, click It's my first time here.  

    2. If you have a school email address click Sign in with Google. Make sure you are logged into your Google account. — OR — Enter your information into the fields.

    3.  After you have completed these steps, you should be able to log-in with the link on the right.

    Mystery Science - This is a program we use for science lessons throughout the regular school year.  They have collected lessons that are easy to do from home.  There is also a link for parents to sign-up to have access to the weekly mini-lessons.  Your child is familiar with these as well.


    The library link is a great resource for after we return to normal operations.  I just didn't want to remove it.  



    Feel free to contact me via Remind App or the e-mail link listed above at any time.  Please let me know if you have issues with any of the links or directions.   

    We will contact you with up-dates as they are known. 

    Keep safe and keep learning.











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Last Modified on March 19, 2020