• Fun Friday!

    Posted by JODIE MCALLISTER on 10/9/2020



    On Fridays at Goose Bay, students will have the opportunity to choose their music activities in class! These include music writing, dancing, singing and playing classroom instruments. To find out what your child's grade level Fun Friday Board looks like, please click on the links below!

    Second Grade Fun Friday Board

    First Grade Fun Friday Board

    Kindergarten Fun Friday Board

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  • Peter and the Wolf Week!

    Posted by JODIE JACQUE on 9/23/2020

    This week is Peter and the Wolf Week! All classes will have a viewing of the Sesame Street version of "Peter and the Wolf" starring Elmo, Telly and Big Bird. Through this experience we will learn about how Music tells a story! Kindergarten and First Grade will draw the story characters and second grade will complete a instrument/character matching worksheet as they learn about the instruments of the orchestra. Second grade will also take a brief assessment on drawing quarter notes, eighth notes and treble clefs. I included a fun Peter and the Wolf Crossword for them to complete if they want.  In other news we are having lots of fun with musicplayonline.com! This website includes a variety of music activities, including an Interactive Boomwhacker! One of our kindergartner friends explores this awesome digital instrument! To find out more about musicplayonline.com please visit the website!

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  • My Little Music Book: 2nd Grade

    Posted by JODIE JACQUE on 9/11/2020

    This week in music our 2nd Graders explored The Rockstar's ABCs, and created their own little music books out of 1 piece of paper! To explore the Rockstar's ABCs please click here.

    Here is some of the things our kids discovered! Students chose their own rockstar from our rockstar wall, and some students shared their choice. We explored John Williams, Jackie Evancho, and Hugh Jackman. Looking forward to see who we meet next week!






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  • Week 3: Individual Music Kit Week

    Posted by JODIE JACQUE on 9/4/2020

    This week saw the introduction of our individual music kits for all students. The kids were over the moon! These special kits insure our kiddos can play and be safe. The kits include a movement scarf, maraca, sponge rhythm blocks, a cupcake drum, mini drum sticks, and a pom pom beat buddy. Students from Mrs. Safien's class explored the bags in class on Wednesday. We moved with scarves to Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals and used some Offenbach with our beat buddies!

    Cy              c



    First Grade worked on writing music for the first time with easy quarter notes. Some students were so excited they wanted to try whole, half, eighth and sixteenth notes too. They are so fun to work with! 



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  • A Rollercoaster in the Music Room?

    Posted by JODIE JACQUE on 9/1/2020



    Yes indeed folks there is a roller coaster in the music room! Well one on video of course. Doodle Chaos is a fun computer animation youtube channel. They set classical pieces of music to animated videos. Last week Mrs. Kelso's class explored Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture via Roller Coaster!

    You can check it out here. 

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  • Week 2 in the Books!

    Posted by JODIE JACQUE on 8/28/2020

    s Week 2 is behind us!  Kindergarten performed"Strawberry Shortcake" a name chant from class this week. You can listen here! We also played a game called Alabama Mississippi, and used the Magic Drum!




    m First Grade worked on The Muffin Man song, and Monkey See Monkey Do, a copy cat steady beat activity. Many children enjoyed reading the muffin rhythms and leading the class! You can listen in here!




    l Second Grade finished up a simple 3 note song called Traffic Lights. We will be learning about Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti and Do. We played the So La Mi Listening game (think Salami) It will help us to sing in tune!



    Here's to a happy weekend all!

    Musically Yours, 

    Mrs. McAllister :)

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  • Week 1 done!

    Posted by JODIE JACQUE on 8/24/2020

    Well we've finished the first week of school and we are on to week 2! This week the children explored our music room, and played some instruments. We also worked on steady beat activities and read simple rhythm patterns using quarter notes and eighth notes. Both First and Second Grades learned "Can't Stop this Feeling" from The Trolls movie. You can do it right at home by clicking on this link!

    Here is a sneak peak at what the kids were doing.  We will check back in next week with the latest and greatest happenings in your friendly neighborhood Music Room!


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  • Welcome to Goose Bay Music Education!

    Posted by JODIE MCALLISTER on 8/17/2020 11:00:00 AM

    Welcome to Music at Goose Bay!


    Creating tuneful, beatful, and artful life long learners!


    My name is Jodie McAllister. I am a 16 year music educator from Upstate New York, where I worked with the Kindergarten through Second Graders at the Ichabod Crane Primary School since 2007! This past school year was super special as the class of 2020 was my first group of Kindergartners to graduate. Although I was sad to leave my L'il Riders, I am super excited to work with all of our Goose Bay kiddos this school year. I look forward to watching them grow up in the Goose Bay Way! For more information on what we will be doing in Music Class please visit my more indepth class website here. You can also visit this fun virtual classroom I created by clicking on the picture below. 


    For those families opting for virtual learning I will offer some recommended music activities through google classroom to help make things easier for your family. We are all in this together. Feel free to use the resource to your advantage! 

    Kindergarten Google Classroom Code: xbtvcdf

    First Grade Google Classroom Code: byvavnf

    Second Grade Google Classroom Code: ulsba34


    If you have any questions or needs feel free to contact me here.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Musically Yours, 

    Mrs. McAllister

    Mrs. Jodie McAllister

    Mrs. Jodie McAllister       jodie.mcallister@matsuk12.us

    (907) 352-6417

    B.A. Music, Voice, Messiah College

    M.A. Music Education, The Hartt School of Music 

    Ichabod Crane Primary School Music Teacher 2007-2020





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