• Happy New Year!

    Posted by JODIE MCALLISTER on 1/8/2021

    Welcome back everyone! We are almost finished with our

    first week of 2021. Here are the January Links for our GBE music Class!


    I'd like to share with you a fun website

    to try called Chrome Music Lab: Song Maker!   

    To see some of our student compositions click here!

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  • Virtual Winter Concert

    Posted by JODIE MCALLISTER on 12/18/2020

    Announcing our first ever Virtual Winter Concert here at Goose Bay Elementary School! I am excited to share our student efforts with our family, friends and Goose Bay Community. 


    Goose Bay Elementary School Virtual Winter Concert 2020-2021


    All GBE students perform in a socially distanced atmosphere, and the music room and all materials are disinfected after each use. In addition, students are required to sanitize before and after the use of all materials to keep everyone safe. In these unprecedented times, it is important to look at what is important, and focus on the good. This is where we find our resilience and strength. Here's to a happy, healthy Holiday Season into 2021. We are Goose Bay Strong!

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  • At Home Learning!

    Posted by JODIE MCALLISTER on 12/8/2020

    Today is an at home learning day on this snowy day in Alaska. Kids can access our December Music Board to engage in music learning right at home. You can also follow me on my Facebook Page "Music Time with Mrs. McAllister"!  I hope you have a cozy warm day with your families, and maybe even some time to go play in the snow. I will see you soon! Love Mrs. M. :)

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  • December Board and Winter Break Countdown!

    Posted by JODIE MCALLISTER on 11/30/2020 12:00:00 PM


    Our December  and Winter Break Countdown Boards are ready for you to use right at home!

    Mrs. Diaz and Mr. Sherk's classes got to decorate a virtual christmas tree in class.

    To decorate your own tree at home- click here!


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  • November Music & Book Boards

    Posted by JODIE MCALLISTER on 11/5/2020

    Looking for music and books to check out at home? 

    You've come to the right place!

    November Music Board: Click here!

    November Book Board: Click here!

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  • Halloween Music Play Boards!

    Posted by JODIE MCALLISTER on 10/28/2020

    Try out these fun Halloween songs and activities right at home!

    Halloween Music Play Board

    Halloween Book Play Board

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  • Music Play Online

    Posted by JODIE MCALLISTER on 10/27/2020

    Did you know you can play music games right at home on your tablet? And for FREE? 

    Visit musicplayonline.com for more information!

    Some of our favorites include: 

    Poison Melody

    Poison Rhythm

    Classroom Instrument Exploration

    Interactive Piano!

    Music Composition: Melody



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  • Fun Friday!

    Posted by JODIE MCALLISTER on 10/9/2020



    On Fridays at Goose Bay, students will have the opportunity to choose their music activities in class! These include music writing, dancing, singing and playing classroom instruments. To find out what your child's grade level Fun Friday Board looks like, please click on the links below!

    Second Grade Fun Friday Board

    First Grade Fun Friday Board

    Kindergarten Fun Friday Board

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  • Peter and the Wolf Week!

    Posted by JODIE JACQUE on 9/23/2020

    This week is Peter and the Wolf Week! All classes will have a viewing of the Sesame Street version of "Peter and the Wolf" starring Elmo, Telly and Big Bird. Through this experience we will learn about how Music tells a story! Kindergarten and First Grade will draw the story characters and second grade will complete a instrument/character matching worksheet as they learn about the instruments of the orchestra. Second grade will also take a brief assessment on drawing quarter notes, eighth notes and treble clefs. I included a fun Peter and the Wolf Crossword for them to complete if they want.  In other news we are having lots of fun with musicplayonline.com! This website includes a variety of music activities, including an Interactive Boomwhacker! One of our kindergartner friends explores this awesome digital instrument! To find out more about musicplayonline.com please visit the website!

    e                 a       h    t

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  • My Little Music Book: 2nd Grade

    Posted by JODIE JACQUE on 9/11/2020

    This week in music our 2nd Graders explored The Rockstar's ABCs, and created their own little music books out of 1 piece of paper! To explore the Rockstar's ABCs please click here.

    Here is some of the things our kids discovered! Students chose their own rockstar from our rockstar wall, and some students shared their choice. We explored John Williams, Jackie Evancho, and Hugh Jackman. Looking forward to see who we meet next week!






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