• Teeland is having a TALENT SHOW!

    Let’s see your talent, Titans!


    Audition Information


    We are going to have a TMS Talent Show this year. It will be pre-recorded and combined in a video to share with everyone on YouTube and the TMS website.


    If you are interested in participating here is what you need to know and do.


    1. We will need all types of acts. Including, but not limited to: music; drama; artwork; storytelling; comedy; dance; gymnastics; martial arts; etc. We will also need an MC to introduce the acts.


    Email Mr. Robson to let him know you are interested. He will give you a link to a Google folder to submit your audition video.  The due date is Friday, May 7, 2021.                                                                                    Eric.Robson@matsuk12.us                                                                                             


    1. All videos must be no more than 2 minutes long. We will be editing the final product so we may only use a portion of your video.


    1. All videos must be school-appropriate.


    1. A group of TMS Staff members will audition all of the entries and select those that will be included in the final video.


    1. You will be notified if your entry is selected as soon as we know. If you are selected we will send you more detailed information on how the video should be recorded (aspect ratios; video shot in landscape-not portrait-mode on cameras, etc.). We will also need a “permission to publish” slip from all participants. This will happen after you are selected for the show.


    Good luck to you all!