Report Card to the Public

  • Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s):


    Recently the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development (DEED) released the 2019-2020 Report Cards to the Public for each school district and school in Alaska. This user-friendly website aims to provide families with clear, common information about all public schools and districts in our State. These report cards to the public contain data and information about academics, school environment, teacher quality, and more.

    To view a 2019-2020 school or district Report Card to the Public, go to Once there, you will be able to select which school or district report card you wish to view. If you are unable to access a Report Card to the Public online, please contact your student’s school.

    We know that the Report Card to the Public is just one of many ways you will engage with us at Mat-Su Middle College School. We look forward to sharing our school’s successes with you and working together to make our school better every day. In particular, we are proud that at Mat-Su Middle College School the Report Card to the Public shows us doing well on our attendance and graduation rate.

    We hope you will closely follow your student’s academic progress and work with his or her teacher(s) to help ensure academic success. Working together as a team, we can improve not only how well our students are performing individually, but how our school and district are performing as a whole. There is nothing more important to administrators and teachers at Mat-Su Middle College School than ensuring that students are ready for the next step in their academic career. We look forward to partnering with you.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding our school or district Report Card to the Public, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 907.761.3495



    Greg Giauque

    Principal, MSMCS

    (907) 761-3498



    Report card to the public