Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lauren Casey

Hello! My name is Mrs. Casey and this is my third year at Shaw Elementary!

The facts about me

Where I'm from - Born and raised Alaskan. I grew up in Eagle River, Alaska.

Education - Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Wyoming. Master of Education, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Why I teach - I left behind a career in the oil industry as a fuels chemist and safety consultant because I craved a career with room for direct impact. I love helping students discover new things and cherish the individuality of each student!

Family - Mr. Casey and I live on a 10-acre hobby farm here in Wasilla. The roster of animals is ever growing, but currently includes: an old dog named Yogi, a house bunny named Pablo, our horse Clementine, two dwarf goats Olive and Fig, two barn cats Travis and Bandit, six ducks named after cheeses, and twenty-four chickens!

Hobbies - I love all things animals, baking, and dancing

I am so excited to be a part of the Shaw Elementary family and on this adventure with our students!

I can be reached via phone (907)352-0520 or email at