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Rachelle Shreve

HI! My name is Ms. Shreve and I have taught in a variety of situations including classrooms, cars, and on horseback. For me, teaching is about growing people to be prepared to succeed at whatever goals are in front of them.  I believe we all have natural talents, gifts, experiences, and histories that we can use to help educate one another.  I also know that even with our natural aptitudes, we can all improve our skills through determination and practice.  My classroom(s) should be a place where a group of learners shows up to help each other become better daily. 

I love to teach science because it is really the art of asking questions!  I love to think about and create experiments to test our ideas and get our hands a little dirty working through a solution.  Math is fundamental to taking and using good science data. It is a tool and a skill that we can improve on, no matter where we start.Group design, building together, and sharing ideas are some of my goals for my students.  I look forward to working with my students and my parents this year at Burchell High School.  Thank you for making me a part of your learning community!


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