• Goose Bay Elementary
    7362 W. Parks Hwy. #842, Wasilla, AK 99623





    Welcome to Goose Bay Elementary  

    Where every child is VALUABLE, SPECIAL, AND IMPORTANT!


    At Goose Bay, our mission is to be a lighthouse for our students, for each other, and for our entire Goose Bay family. 


    Lighthouse (n): a symbol of strength, set on the rock of endurance, a source of hope, giving its light for guidance, a gateway to freedom, a house of protection, facing the harsh waves with persistence, a beacon of refuge, crowned with the light of connection, a torch or passion, running for life's greatest distance. 




    Ayla Brown - Principal  
    Virgina Broach - Administrative Secretary
    Office Phone #:  907-352-6400 


Last Modified on September 5, 2018