• Course Share Request Process

    Students who are interested in taking a high school class at a school other than MSMCS (course share) must complete the MSBSD Course Share Request Form and submit to Ms. Piatt the week prior to the start of the semester (beginning August 7th for semester 1 and December 18th for semester 2) for processing. We encourage MSMCS students to carefully consider the overall impact of time and workload when requesting to take additional courses at local high schools. 

    Step 1: A couple of weeks prior to the start of the semester, students are advised to contact the counseling department or check the website of the school where the class of interest is offered for the master schedule and lunch schedule.

    Step 2: Review the 2023-2024 high school bell schedule (note CTHS bell schedule is on page 2) and the 2023-2024 MSMCS bell schedule. Determine if the course you wish to take will work with your MSMCS and university class schedule. Remember to allow for travel time. To complete the Course Share Request form, you will need the following information:

    • Your first and last name

    • MSBSD student ID

    • A good contact phone number

    • Name of course share school

    • Name of class you want to take through course share

    • Period course share class meets

    • Instructor last name 

     Course Share Request Form

    It is not necessary for you to get principal or counselor signatures, as Ms. Piatt will collect those. If approved, a counselor at the course share school will add the course to your MSBSD schedule. Please contact Ms. Piatt if you have questions at rebecca.piatt@matsuk12.us or 761-3496.

    Notes: Students may request up to two (2) course shares per semester. If the course is year-long, please list both semesters' course ID and section numbers. Fall semester course shares are typically not approved until after the first week of high school courses begin as schools schedule their own students first. Please keep in mind that course shares are accommodated on a space-available basis, and students are not guaranteed a seat.