• Click for HERE Instructions on Finding your Books through the College Bookstore.

    Please refer to the schedule for book checkout/return each semester.   Please note, book procurement can at times still be in flux as a semester begins.   When this is the case, readings will be shared through Google or a hard copy will be available in the portable.  Students MUST share syllabi with Mrs. Brothers in order to help facilitate sharing readings as soon as possible.  The college library also has copies of books that can be borrowed for reading IN the library.  


    Spring 2021 Textbook Checkout Schedule

    Book Check Out by Last Name Alpha


    Tuesday January 5th 2021

    A                             9:00 am

    B-Bo                      10:00 am

    Br-Ca                     11:00 am

    Ch-Co                    12:00 pm

    Cr-D                       1:00 pm

    E-Fo                       2:00 pm


    Wednesday January 6th 2021

    Fr-Ha                     9:00 am

    He-Ho                   10:00 am

    Hsu-J                     11:00 am

    Ka-La                     12:00 pm

    Le-Lu                     1:00 pm

    Ma-Mi                     2:00 pm


    Thursday January 7th 2021

    Mo-O                      9:00 am

    P-Ri                        10:00 am

    Ro-So                     11:00 am

    Sp-T                       12:00 pm

    V-Wh                      1:00 pm

    Wi-Z                       2:00 pm