We are super excited to bring to you our Extended Learning After School Club Offerings! Extra-curricular offerings are so important to a building.  Students get opportunities to create, develop, socialize, and grow their brains in new areas!  You may apply for a waiver if you are on our free/reduced meal program. 
    Click here to access a list of offerings This list will get revised as information is added or changed. Due to COVID-19, Activities at FLE are suspended when we are in a yellow operational zone.      
    Click here to access the FLE Student Permission to Participate Form and click here to access to the district Permission to Participate Form (both need completed for participation in an activity). Completion of a permission form does not guarantee a spot for clubs/sports with limited availability.   
    Please contact the designated club/sponsor listed for more information. 

    Finger Lake Elementary Activities: Roles and Responsibilities 


    Coach/Club Sponsor Responsibilities

    • Supervision and safety of students
    • Take accurate attendance each day of activity
    • Advertise club/sport and collect fees
    • Advertise the selection process
    • Provide participants with remind code for instant communication and a code of conduct for behavioral expectations
    • Provide club/sport information to the office


    Office Responsibilities

    • Set up online payment access
    • Update the website
    • Post letter/flyer/info to the Parent Google Folder


    Parent Responsibilities

    • Fees should be paid within two weeks of the start date of the club/sport
    • Join your child’s sponsor/coach’s remind group for instant communication
    • Submit exceptions in SDM. No SDM=no activity=unexcused absence for student
    • Students must be picked up from their activity on time.  Two late pick-ups exceeding 10- minutes will result in exclusion from the activity/sport
    • Parents pick-up in back parking lot. Students will not be allowed to leave with someone not on their signed permission slip 
    • Contact club sponsor with questions, comments, or concerns directly
    • Our athletes and club participants will be expected to follow this attendance guideline:
      • If a student misses more than 20% of the activity due to unexcused absences, he/she may jeopardize their participation (example: if a sport/club meets 10 times, >2 unexcused absences=exclusion.
        • Unexcused absence includes:
          • Not putting activity in SDM and not pre-arranging the absences with the sport/club sponsor. 
          • Not communicating with club/sponsor when a child is absent from school. Parent must communicate with club/sport sponsor on remind to excuse them from activity/club or it will be considered unexcused.  


    Student Athlete/Activity Participant Responsibilities

    • Return permission slip completed in its entirety with activity fee
    • Meet Club/Activity sponsor in the designated area of the gym right after school
    • Two or more behavioral incidents may result in exclusion from activity
    • Contact club sponsor with questions, comments, or concerns directly
    • Participate! See parent responsibilities for an explanation of exact attendance expectations