We are super excited to bring to you our Extended Learning After School Club Offerings! Extra-curricular offerings are so important to a building.  Students get opportunities to create, develop, socialize, and grow their brains in new areas!  You may apply for a waiver if you are on our free/reduced meal program. 
    Click here to access a list of offerings This list will get revised as information is added or changed.     
    Click here  to access the Google forms folder for various permission slips to participate.  Completion of a permission form does not guarantee a spot for clubs/sports with limited availability.   
    Please contact the designated club/sponsor listed for more information. 

    Finger Lake Elementary Activities: Roles and Responsibilities 


    Coach/Club Sponsor Responsibilities

    • Supervision and safety of students
    • Advertise club/sport and collect fees
    • Advertise the selection process
    • Provide participants with a code of conduct or behavioral expectations
    • Provide club/sport information to the office


    Office Responsibilities

    • Set up online payment access
    • Update the website
    • Post letter/flyer/info to the Parent Google Folder


    Parent Responsibilities

    • Fees should be paid within two weeks of the start date of the club/sport
    • Join your child’s sponsor/coach’s remind group for instant communication
    • Submit exceptions in SDM. No SDM=no activity=unexcused absence for student
    • Students must be picked up from their activity on time.  Two late pick-ups exceeding 10- minutes will result in exclusion from the activity/sport
    • Parents come inside to get their child for pickup. Students will not be allowed out the front door without an adult
    • Contact club sponsor with questions, comments, or concerns directly
    • Our athletes and club participants will be expected to follow this attendance guideline:
      • If a student misses more than 20% of the activity due to unexcused absences, he/she may jeopardize their participation (example: if a sport/club meets 10 times, >2 unexcused absences=exclusion.
        • Unexcused absence includes:
          • Not putting activity in SDM and not pre-arranging the absences with the sport/club sponsor. 
          • Not communicating with club/sponsor when a child is absent from school. Parent must communicate with club/sport sponsor on remind to excuse them from activity/club or it will be considered unexcused.  


    Student Athlete/Activity Participant Responsibilities

    • Return permission slip completed in its entirety with activity fee
    • Meet Club/Activity sponsor in the designated area of the gym right after school
    • Two or more behavioral incidents may result in exclusion from activity
    • Contact club sponsor with questions, comments, or concerns directly
    • Participate! See parent responsibilities for an explanation of exact attendance expectations