Mrs. Caroline Ben



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Mrs. Caroline Ben

School Cloosure Information COVID-19

I will be trying to get information to all of you through the media that you are most comfortable with.
I have begun to set up our class on Google Classroom, I am also working on adding more to this website. I should be able to share class content on either platform.
Please let me know what which platform you think will be best for your family.
-I also set up our classroom on Class DoJo, some of you have already accepted the invite, this will be another form of communication for you to use.
-In regards to next week, most importantly students should work for 60 to no more than 90 minutes daily until further notice.
-Next, no grading or advancement of curriculum until further notice. You and your student(s) are not responsible for the academic rigor that takes place in school. These steps are in place to alleviate stress, promote health and support a framework for off campus education.
- If you need your student’s login information please email me, I will be checking email throughout the day, while I try to figure out this communication system.

Most importantly, I do not want to add extra stress to anyone at this time! Please have a great weekend, stay safe and healthy!