• Hello Again Cross Country Fans!!


    Our championship race is this Wednesday, September 21th at Palmer High School.  The buses will leave Colony Middle School at 1:30 P.M.  The girls will begin at 3:00 P.M. and the boys will start as soon as the last girl has finished (Approx. 3:30), with the boys’ race following the girls’.  Please let me know if your athlete will not be racing on Wednesday.


    Homeschool runners, please be at Palmer (dressed and ready) by 2:00.  Meet Coach Marvin at the start area.  



    Races should be done by 4:15. All runners need to bring their bib to a coach in order to sign out after the race.  Bibs will be used for all four races this season, so be sure to turn yours back in.  Parents if you cannot be there to pick up your runner, make arrangements in advance with the CMS front office.  We cannot release students to a non-parent without written consent forms.  Please plan ahead.


    RESULTS: To get results go to: www.strabelracingservices.com  

    There will also be a live streaming of the finish with live results (as long as there is a reliable cellular signal) on Strabel Racing Services Youtube Channel.



    We will be collecting uniforms after the race.  Make sure to bring clothes to change into.  


    We have created a remind for the cross-country team

    To join text the number 81010

    In the body type @upnovr2022


    See you Wednesday!!

    Coaches Marvin, Miles, and Nisbett

     2022 Cross Country

    Welcome parents and athletes. Our coaching staff consists of 

    Dan Miles (coach)

    • office phone number (907) 761-1538
    • dan.miles@matsuk12.us

    Phil Nisbett (coach) 

    • phillip.nisbett@matsuk12.us

    Christy Marvin (coach and incredibly valuable volunteer) 

    • bcc_marvin@yahoo.com

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. 

    We are looking forward to a great year of Cross Country.  We love to have fun while working hard to improve our fitness and strive for personal growth.  Cross country is a delicate mix of individual performance and improvement that factors in to determine a team victory.  While we have enjoyed excellent team performance historically, we want each individual on the team to strive for their best personal performance and improvement.  By training hard, each athlete can achieve growth and improve their race times and fitness. 

    Team expectations

    • Encourage and build up your fellow teammates.
    • Come prepared to work out, improve and give your best effort.
    • We are here to have fun, while training to improve our fitness and performance.
    • Follow your coaches’ instructions.  We get out of our workouts what we put into them.  Your coaches will design workouts and practices that will help you improve if you will put forth your best efforts. 
    • Practice ends at 3:45 PM. Parents please be punctual picking up your children.  Coaches are required to stay until you do, and we ask you to respect our time and not make us wait on you to get your children.  If you cannot make the 3:45 PM pick up time, please make arrangements for a ride with another parent or family member.  After 2 late pick-ups, your child may be removed from the roster.   
    • Always check out with a coach after a meet.  We want to make sure that no one is left behind or has not been picked up by a parent.   


    Things that athletes should have for each practice.  We seldom cancel practice because of the weather.  Please have the following things available for practice each day.  It’s better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. 

    • Good running shoes (this is critical to prevent pain and injuries) 
    • Running clothes appropriate for the weather.
      • Work out shirt
      • shorts 
      • It’s always wise to have a hoodie or jacket and maybe even sweatpants, in case of cold weather.
    • Rain jacket
    • Water bottle

    Important dates

    • Tuesday Aug 16th (First practice, come prepared to run regardless of the weather)
    • Practice will be every day that students have school from 2:20 – 3:45 (Unless there is a meet or athletes are told otherwise.)
    • Aug 24th Meet @ Colony
    • Sept 7th Meet @ Palmer
    • Sept 14th Meet @ Colony
    • Sept 21st Championship Meet @ Palmer
    • Season ends after the Championship Meet. 
Last Modified on September 20, 2022