• Colony Advisory Program



    Advisory is a program which provides a time and a place for a group of students and a professional leader to interact. The leader has a special responsibility as an advocate for the students to help them deal with concerns not normally acknowledged in other class settings, primarily those associated with the affective domain. These include organization, time-management, goal setting, peer interactions, career education, and specific health topics.  

    We will:

    • Help students to develop a good work ethic
    • Provide all students with career, individual and group guidance
    • Hold students accountable for their academic performance
    • Build independance in our students
    • Build citizenship in our students
    • Understand the pre-adolescent's needs, energies, and abilities


    Colony Enrichment Program




    What is the CMS Enrichment Program?

    "Enrichment" is an extensive program of intervention, enrichment and interest classes. Enrichment classes run 7th period starting in September for 7th and 8th grade. 6th grade students will start Enrichment Q2.

    What are Enrichment classes?

    They are a broad array of exploratory classes that we provide in order to meet the unique needs of our young adolescent students.


    Goals for this program include:

    • Provide a systematic process of intervention that provides students with additional time and support for learning
    • Help students make connections between course content and real life
    • Provide opportunities for service learning projects 
    • Provide time for students to choose and participate in special interest classes
    • Offer rigorous extended learning courses for students who are ready for the challenge

    How are the classes scheduled?

    Students will either select or be assigned to their Enrichment class.

    Those students who would benefit from additional assistance in reading, writing or math will be assigned a class, or will be able to choose based on a selection of classes within their academic area of need.   These students are identified through multiple assessments and teacher recommendations.  Students who are proficient or advanced in reading, writing, and math, will choose an Enrichment course in an arena format similar to college.  8th graders will have first choice; based on seniority.


    Can a student get out of an assigned Enrichment class? 

    A student who is in need of receiving additional time and support in reading, writing or math, will have the option to choose a course of interest during 4th quarter.  We require all students who are not yet proficient in reading, writing or math, to take at least two quarters worth of an intervention class to provide them with adequate additional time and support in the academic area of need.  Students with D’s & F’s or a grade point average below a 2.0, will be placed in a study skills class 4th quarter.