• The 2020 All State Festival will be hosted by ASAA, Bartlett High School, and West Anchorage High School with dates TBD. I will begin submitting on-line auditions on Monday, September 2, 2019 and will not accept audition recordings after September 18, 2020. 


    All Vivace and Advanced Women Choir members will be required to submit a recorded audition, and any other choir member may also audition. You may submit two auditions, as long as they are for different parts (e.g.; Soprano I and Soprano II). 


    There are four separate required tracks for each voice, and they will need to be recorded and sent to my email as an MP3 file.


    You may send your recorded audition to: Kelly.Rentz@matsuk12.us


    The rules for recording your audition can be found here: Rules for Audition MP3 


    The tracks are as follows:


    Track 1: Major Scale

    Track 2: Major Scale

    Track 3: Chromatic Exercise

    Track 4: America, the Beautiful


    The links below will take you to the audition material:


    2019 Soprano I Audition

    2019 Soprano II Audition

    2019 Alto I Audition

    2019 Alto II Audition

    2019 Tenor I Audition

    2019 Tenor II Audition

    2019 Bass I Audition

    2019 Bass II Audition