Kindergarten Information



    How old does my child have to be?
    According to Alaska State Statute, a child who turns five years of age on or before September 1st of the current year is eligible to attend kindergarten. However, the State allows districts to choose a later deadline, and the MSBSD allows for students who turn 5 by October 1st of the current year to apply for early entry into kindergarten if they qualify based on criteria outlined in the Kindergarten Early Entry Letter from the Office of Instruction. The application deadline for early entry is July 15. If you have questions regarding kindergarten, please call Brenda Hotchkiss at 746-9212.
    How do I register my child for Kindergarten?
    Parents should follow the New student registration process to register their student once this opens July 1st. The documents below must be provided to the school prior to the start of school. They may be uploaded during the registration process or brought to the school building.
    When does Kindergarten start?
    The first day of school for kindergarten students in the 2024-2025 school year is Thursday, August 22, 2024. Kindergarten in the MSBSD is full day. The first week of school for students in grades 1-12 (August 15-21) is reserved for Kindergarten Roll-in, a state-mandated assessment of every incoming Kindergarten student. Schools will contact parents to schedule Roll-in appointments. Parents should expect to spend up to an hour with their child and his/her teacher at the Roll-in appointment.
    How do I know what school my child should attend?
    Click here to use a school and transportation tool, which will help determine the school boundary in which your child lives.
    Preschool Information
    If you have questions regarding preschool, please call Holly Peters at 746-9276.