•  What School Does My Child Attend?
    Use the Transportation Look-Up Tool below to find your boundary school based on your address.  If  asked for a username and password you may use "guest" as both.  Search your school information here:
    • All
    • Academy Charter School
    • Administration Building
    • American Charter School
    • Beryozova School
    • Big Lake Elementary School
    • Birchtree Charter School
    • Burchell High School
    • Butte Elementary School
    • Colony High School
    • Colony Middle School
    • Cottonwood Creek Elementary School
    • Dena'ina Elementary School
    • Finger Lake Elementary School
    • Fronteras Charter School
    • Glacier View School
    • Goose Bay Elementary School
    • Houston High School
    • Houston Middle School
    • Iditarod Elementary School
    • Joe Redington Sr. Jr/Sr School
    • Knik Elementary School
    • Larson Elementary School
    • Machetanz Elementary School
    • Mat-Su Career & Tech
    • Mat-Su Central School
    • Mat-Su Day School
    • Mat-Su Middle College School
    • Mat-Su Secondary School
    • Meadow Lakes Elementary School
    • Midnight Sun Charter School
    • Palmer High School
    • Palmer Jr Middle School
    • Pioneer Peak Elementary School
    • Shaw Elementary School
    • Sherrod Elementary School
    • Snowshoe Elementary School
    • Sutton Elementary School
    • Su-Valley Jr/Sr High School
    • Swanson Elementary School
    • Talkeetna Elementary School
    • Tanaina Elementary School
    • Teeland Middle School
    • Trapper Creek Elementary School
    • Twindly Bridge Charter School
    • Valley Pathways School
    • Wasilla High School
    • Wasilla Middle School
    • Willow Elementary School
    • All
    • Administrative
    • Elementary School
    • High School
    • Middle School
    • Middle/High School
    • Non-Traditional School

Versatrans e-Link Tools

  • Username and Password = guestTransportation Look Up 

    Provides bus/route numbers and pickup times based on a street address. This tool is available to the public. If you are asked for a username and password you may use "guest" as both
    Username and Password = District Family NumberMy Student's Bus Info e-Link
    Allows parents to view their student's bus route information. You can also do a transportation Look up with any address. Use your district family number as the username and password.
    Username and Password = District Family NumberWhere's My Bus?
    Allows parents to access their student's actual bus location in real time. Use your district family number as the username and password.