Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Seth Blohm

Welcome to Tanaina Mr. Blohm!!!

Mr. Blohm has been willing to step up to fillng in for Mr. Miller this year.  He has brought new adventures for our students here at Tanaina. From Music theory, singing and bucket drumming, student love going to Music Class.

We are fortunate to have Mr. Blohm here.  His love for music stems back in his childhood years.  


A note from the teacher:

I am Seth Blohm, the substitute music teacher for this school year. I am a lifelong Alaska resident, born and raised here in the Mat-Su Valley. I graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where I earned a Bachelors in K-12 Music Education with a focus on Voice.

I have been heavily involved in music much of my life and have had many amazing experiences because of it. When I was young I sang in the Alaska Children's Choir while it was under the direction of Janet Stotts and in high school I was a part of the Palmer Highschool Jazz choir directed by Stan Harris. With these groups, and a few others, I have traveled to New York, Washington Dc, Vancouver Canada, Italy and more for different music festivals, competitions, and tours. I have regularly competed in and taken first place in local singing competitions, placed in regional,  and competed in the national round of these competitions.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach this year and the opportunity test my abilities as an educator under the strange circumstances of this school year and to help your students with their journey through music.