Role Protecting Copyrighted Materials


    (thanks for the great example to David Baker @ TMS)



    Role protecting your online resources is done in site manager where you edit your webpage.  This way people need to sign in to Schoolwires to access protected content.

    1. Create a landing page that shows students, parents and staff, that they need to login to access content that you have listed (they need to see what you are trying to share) 


    step 1 create the page

    step 2 create the sign in link and register link on the page


            2. In site manager, click actions to the right of  the page that you need to protect and select "set viewers"

    step 3 set the viewers to remove the default everybody 

           3. select "assign Group[.show all groups  

    step 4 assign a specific group


           4. Select "show all groups"

    step 6 select all registered users


            5. select "all registered users"

    step 7 choose all registered users


               6. click "Add" and then when they click on the "sign in link" and actually sign in they see all the protected content.

    step 8 click "add" to complete the process