Mrs. Jessica Delos Santos Musselman

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Mrs. Jessica Delos Santos Musselman


Welcome to 2020 - 2021 School Year


I was born and raised in the Philippines.  I immigrated in the USA in 1986.  I have been married to Daniel Musselman for 31 years.  Dan works for Alyeska Pipeline Service CO on the north slope, Pump Station 1.  Dan and I have lived in Wasilla since 1988.  We raised three children and graduated from MSBSD.  Our son Chance now lives in Peoria, AZ.  Our daughter, Andree moved back to Wasilla from Aspen, CO with her family last summer of 2019.  Andree and John have a 4 years old son, named Ezra.  Our youngest daughter Kay, graduated from WHS, May of 2019. 

In 1990's, I was a stay at home mom so I was able to volunteer within the community and at the schools here in the valley where my children were attending.  I love and enjoy working with the kids so I decided to get a job in MSBSD.  I started subbing in 2007 then got an opportunity to be a full time Recess Monitor at TNE in 2011.  When a job opened up for a Sped Aide position, I applied and so very blessed to get the job, in Intensive Resource K-2 grade at TNE.  After 4 years in Intensive Resource K-2, I am very happy to join the wonderful, friendly and awesome team of the Behavior Support Program.  In BSP, I gained a lot of experience working with student one on one, helping and supporting them in their regular classes, Special, PE, and monitor outside recess to make sure they are safe.  There are numerous rewards for working in special education classes; perhaps the strongest is the feeling that you have helped to improve the lives of children with disabilities.  My greatest desire is to help the student and to keep them safe.  

January 2020, I am honored, humbled and accepted to help out our beloved Pre-School team ladies for our dear friend Ms. Lisa while she is in treatment.  I'm very grateful, fortunate and blessed to get to help the pre-school kiddos unconditionally.  l love helping Ms. Kellie, Ms. Aimee, and all my TNE family.  The best thing everyday in TNE, I get to see my hard working and very kind brother, Mr. Alberto Delos Santos.     

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