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    My name is Chef Rebecca Giedosh-Ruge. Here you will find links to my syllabus,

    contact information, ProStart Competitive Teams, upcoming events and photos of our classes in action. 



     Chef Rebecca and her Sourdough Starter       Bake On


    I hope you will seriously consider adding culinary education to your life. Learning to cook is not only essential skill, but it also makes you pretty darn cool too! (Who DOESN'T like to be the person who can pull a good chicken recipe out of their bag of tricks?)


    My classes are mostly hands on with a comfy cushion of book work/lecture as well. If you are a tactile learner, this is a great space for you. Can't sit still? Me either! I love to work on my feet, with my hands, use critical thinking skills and laugh along the way. I am personally driven to discover each student's most effective learning method and teach you the way YOU learn! People are beautiful puzzles and darn it, let's figure it out and get you successfully working in the direction that fits YOU best! I bring to the table over 24 years of Culinary experience with a background in Fine Dining and pastry work. Click on each link of my classes to get a sense of what awaits you if you choose to take an adventurous turn into the Culinary Lab at Career Tech! I hope you will join me!


    Feel free to email or leave a message at my office. All emails/calls shall be returned within 24 hours or the following Monday if the message is left after 3pm on Friday.


    Chef Rebecca Giedosh-Ruge

    Office: 907-352-0439






    Period 1/2- Culinary Arts AM

    Period 3- Introduction to Baking AM

    Period 4- Prep

    Period 5- Introduction to Cooking

    Period 6/7- Culinary Arts PM