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Snowshoe Music from Home



There are many fun musical activities your student can experience from home. Please choose from the resources below to assist your child in engaging in a musical activity one or more times per week. Many students will already be familiar with some of these activities and it should be a breeze for them to use. I will update these resources on a weekly basis. You can save this page to your browser by clicking the bookmark option in the top right side of the address above.


Music Play Online is offering free use, Music Play Online Login Info user name is snow and password is 2020


Midi City, online synth K-5


Carnegie Hall Listening Adventure  

Arts Alive Guess the Instrument


Below are many great musical youtube links for students to explore: 

Viennese Piano Duo Hermiones Carnival of the Animals

Gunhild Carling and Family Dresden Dixieland Stomp

Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach video

Kids explain Music to a Deaf Person

Burundi drummers walking onstage

Hand pan (inverted steel drum pan)

Ambassadors of Harmony 76 Trombones

A Choral Nation – Latvian Song & Dance Festival

Melodica Men Africa

Linerider Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

4 year old drummer

Daf is one the most favorable traditional Iranian music instruments . It is assumed as one the spiritual instruments in Iranian culture also used in Sama or also called Sufism dancing ceremonies in current turkey .

Daf instruments and other middle eastern instruments mixed with orchestral instruments

Toddler can hear pieces and name composer

Black Violin performs “Stereotypes”

Steven Sharp Nelson of The Piano Guys plays Bach

One Voice – by the USAF


Beethoven’s 5th Symphony but for Solo Guitar

Minor Alterations – US Army Band does minor twist on classic Holiday music

Alaska Cello Intensive (from Fairbanks, AK) Just What I needed

Africa – Toto x Peter Bence (Piano Cover)

5 year old plays Bach on piano

Kids meet an opera singer

Great Movie Melody arranged for recorders

The Theft, Legend, and Recovery of Joshua Bell’s Stradivarius Violin

The Porciphone (The porciphone is a tuned pipe instrument played with two plastic pigs by belgian instrument maker and musician Max Vandervorst, from his last show "Paper Orchestra", a lot of wonderful creation on his website

Great-great-grandson of Liszt Michael Andreas playing Liszt’s La Campanella

The Stranierofono invention – using a keyboard to push keys to play a bass clarinet

Bobby McFerrin live improvisation at the Kennedy Center

Colin Bowden Drum Solo as 85 year old

Kyoto Tachibana HS Marching Band at Disneyland

Konnakkol and Quads

How Pachelbel’s Canon works

Konnakkol and drumset with backing track

Melodica Men play Star Wars

Vienna Clarinet Connection – Rhapsody in Blue

Careless Whisper on Guitar

Marbles, Magnets, and Music

Cymbals Moments

The Whoop Group - “Storm” By Vivaldi

Maple Elementary Marching Band

Twisted Bells by Dragon Scale Mallets

Orion Longsword performs to Take Five

Beatbox Sax “Stand by Me”

Improvising in the style of different classical composers

Carry the Tune – playing music throughout life

Mozart on Bamboo Instruments