Mrs. Youngblood Room 126

  • Hello, my name is Maritt Youngblood and I am so proud to be part of the Houston Jr/Sr High Team. My first name is pronounced |ˈmerət|, or as I generally tell people, “like a badge in the boy scouts.” 

    I graduated from the University of Alaska Southeast. I have been working in the Mat-Su Borough School District in many different capacities since 2008. I am working to be more involved in the Houston community.

    I work to bring other educators and community members into my classroom to open up the world to my students to the possibilities that are available to them. I have in the past years, with the help of the Houston Mayor, Virgie Thompson, brought in the Fire Department. We have also been able to have a representative of the Marines and Wasilla Police in our classroom.

    I am currently leading the teletharapy for speech in our building; this means that the back office of the classroom is reserved for students working with our SLP (speech language pathologist), Mrs. Hollie Fleming. She joins them in a virtual classroom where they interact with her and have supervision from a building staff member in order to ensure fidelity.

    I grew up in Southern Oregon and California, was an exchange student in the late 80's, and I have lived in more than half of the lower forty-eight states. I moved to Alaska with my family in 2006 from Houston, Texas and love it here! Since moving to Alaska I have become involved with Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, Matsu Ski Club, CASA, and the Mat-Su Animal Shelter. I enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, camping, fishing, canoeing, gardening, and any other way I can hang out with my family.

    If at anytime you have questions regarding the classroom procedures or activities please don't hesitate to call or email me.

     Skiing on Archangel Road                            My son, daughter and myself in 2007