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    Pathways has always been a school that adjusts to meet the needs of the students and parents.  Our population changes from year to year and we have an obligation to make adjustments that create efficient opportunities that fit the current student body.  Three years ago, Pathways opened our new building.  The new building design took into consideration the world that our students will encounter when they graduate from high school – whether that be continuing education, vocational training, service in the military, or joining the work force.  We all live and work in a connected society and it is our intent to prepare our students for that connect world.  With these beliefs setting the foundation for the structure of our educational system at Pathways, we will be moving into the next stage of preparing our students for their future through a One-to-One program beginning in the fall of the 2017-18 school year.  Much of this program design is based on the Kent School District - Washington - One-to-One program that has been in operation since 2004.  Their work set the foundation for our policies and provided the initial roadmap for our program.


    Strategic Goal

    Pathways student will benefit from our One-to-One program through increased student achievement and content engagement, providing effective communication with students and parents, and maximize resources.