Welcome to Ms. Kathy Cappa's Webpage!

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Welcome to Ms. Kathy Cappa's Webpage!


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!!! 

Lots of craziness and chaos, but I am here to hopefully make your transition back to school a smooth one. We are going to be prepared for flexiblity, but lots of learning and fun while learning is planned for this year. 

Can't wait to see my former students. You have been missed!!! It was so good to learn so much more about your world via Zoom or home visits last year. I know you have crazy stories about me, eating, Slush, Butter, and all the chickens. We did get carpeting while we were gone. That will change our eating policy a tad bid. 

New students, I am very excited to meet you and welcome you to our classroom. 

Parents, my webpage is for generic information about what we do. For specific information and assignments, please sign up for Google Classroom. I can give you a parent account along with your child, as they will be using Google Classroom for homework, announcements, and some classwork. If we have to go back to virtual, the assignments will be on Google Classroom. Health students will also be using APEX in addition to Google Classroom.

To answer the question I have already gotten from students and parents, yes, masks will be required for entry into my classroom. As part of my job is to protect you, that also includes each student that walks into my class. Some people have underlying health issues and cannot be served by our distance learning program. Therefore, I want to make sure we all stay happy and healthy. 

No handshakes, high 5s, or hugs. We will be using ASL greetings / praises and maybe elbow touches. 


Classes I am teaching will be ASL (American Sign Language) 1 & ASL 2, with students from neighboring schools also attending. I will also be teaching Health.


In addition, I am the sponsor for the American Sign Language National Honor Society. See about opportunites for the club under the ASLHS tab.