CLASS EXPECTATIONS ~ Students will...

    Give their best; behave their best; and have a positive attitude. 

    Consequence:  Classroom and Academic Success!


    Consequences for choosing not to meet expectations:

    1) Redirection

    2) Warning - 5 Questions are asked,

    Boys Town Social Skill reminder for appropriate choices

    4) ROC referral (out of class)


    Houston Middle School School-wide Norms (See HMS Student Handbook)

    Our school-wide expectations are always in effect at HMS!  Although the goal of a school-wide program is to be CONSISTANT, there may be subtle differences from classroom to classroom. Be flexible, but be aware.


    CLASS MATERIALS* ~ Every day, students need to have:

    • Pencils (3, sharpened), eraser, and one hand-held pencil sharpener*
    • Colored pencils
    • Glue stick & scissors (do not need to be carried daily)
    • Optional -  hair tie for use during food labs

    *These are personal materials, not community items.  A quality pencil pouch helps with organization.  Extra materials should be stored in student locker.


    HMS provides the following daily class materials for all Western Hemisphere Studies:

    • Student binder and planner
    • Pencil pouch


    HMS provides the following daily class materials for all Consumer and Family Science students:

    • Home Ec textbooks 
    • Looms and yarn for fiber projects
    • Fabric samples for sewing labs
    • Cooking utensils for food labs
    • Ingredients for food labs 


    We will work on a variety of assignments such as the following:

    Study Guides and Assessments that cover Kitchen and Food Safety


    Food labs 

    Fiber projects such as sewing and looming

    Additional assignments and projects will be worked on during class periods. Assignment content and projects will vary according to the current topic we are studying.


    • All work must be completed legibly and in pencil.
    • Items requiring coloring should reflect best effort
    • Papers submitted for grading should have complete headings with first and last name, date, period, class, and assignment title.



    • Permission slips will be sent home for both Kitchen Safety Behavior and Looming/Needlework Behavior Expectations.
    • They must be signed by both student and parent/guardian before students can participate.
    • If the student chooses not to participate, alternate book assignments will be given.
    • If a student is unable to meet expectations for safety in either unit, they will be given alternate book assignments.
    • Broken or lost equipment checked out to the student will need to be replaced or paid for before a student may continue with the unit.



    If absent the day an assignment is given, the student see Mrs. Burson for the missing work. 


    Late work will be accepted for partial credit prior to the chapter test (see late work policy in the Middle School Handbook). All absent/late work is to be placed in the class period ‘turn in’ box. It should be appropriately labeled as either “ABSENT” or “LATE”.


    Students will be permitted to correct and resubmit original assignments within one week of the return date. Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances, MSBSD guidelines will be used to determine an appropriate due date for corrected assignments. All corrections must be done in colored ink on the original assignment so that they are easily identifiable.



    All quizzes and tests are due at the end of the class period (unless otherwise stated). They must be turned in before leaving the room, failure to do so will result in a loss of points.

    • If a student misses a test or quiz, it is the responsibility of the student to arrange a time to make it up in my classroom ((usually during lunch), or during after-school tutoring.
    • Students are encouraged to do TEST CORRECTIONS when possible.  They may earn full credit of each missed question with the exception of yes/no or true/false questions. 
    • All corrections must be done with red or other colored ink to be considered for point increase.
    • There is no talking during assessments.
    • If academic dishonesty occurs, HMS guidelines will be followed


    Please contact the school nurse or Mrs. Burson if your child has food limitations or restrictions. We do our best to accommodate the needs of our students.



    Student status reports for will be distributed every Tuesday in each class; classroom teachers will also post grades for each class every Tuesday.  Grades are available online through I-Parent and I-Student.  I-Parent and I-Student will show current achievement level in class and missing assignments, if any. 

    ~Formative/Summative Assessments and Projects (40%)  These assessments and projects are a summary of student learning.  Students are encouraged to do corrections if possible.

    ~Assignments (30%) Includes daily activities and classroom assignments.  These tasks are for student learning and instructional adjustments. 

    ~Citizenship (30%) Students will be held accountable for having materials and meeting classroom expectations.  Houston Middle School focuses on employability skills for all students.   



    • 90-100% A                               40% Assessments
    • 80-89%   B                               30% Assignments
    • 70-79%   C                               30% Citizenship
    • 60-69%   D                                          
    • 0-59%     F



    Students can’t learn if they are not present!  If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to find out what they missed on the DAY THEY RETURN. If a student is absent due to a school-related event, it is their responsibility to find out IN ADVANCE what will be missed.  The expectation is that student athletes will complete the work prior to their return. If a student has been gone and needs assistance in understanding the concepts, it is up to the student to make arrangements to come in before/after school or during lunch for help.  Houston Middle School also offers after-school tutoring two days a week; this is a great way to stay current and/or catch up!  Enrollment forms are available at the front office.   



    Students will be utilizing the ‘passport’ portion of the HMS planner for all passes (student fills in, teacher signs).  Students may only ask to leave during appropriate times.  A good time is during class work time, not during teacher instruction. There are NO passes during the FIRST OR LAST 10 MINUTES OF CLASS.  If a student does not have the planner, there are no pass options.



    There will be no eating in class (unless students are present for lunchtime learning).  Water is allowed (encouraged).  Water in the classroom is a privilege; if the water bottle becomes a distraction, students will lose this privilege. 



    These will stay in your locker!  If students bring these items to class, they will be asked to put them in their locker. If this reminder makes the student late to class, they will be marked tardy (see tardy policy). 



    Students may have a personal electronic device with them in class, as there will be opportunities to utilize online resources through the textbook and other web-based sites.  Devices, while in use, are to remain flat on the desk where they are visible.  In the near future, we will also be utilizing Chromebooks.  Many of our digital resources contain instructional videos and/or will read the selection to the student; ear buds will be needed to prevent disturbing and/or distracting others. We do have headphones for audio use; we do not have nor allow the sharing of ear buds.  Any misuse of devices will result in the confiscation of the device (turned into the office). Multiple violations may result in the loss of this opportunity and privilege. 



    I may be contacted via email (best option) at sandra.burson@matsuk12.us You may also write notes in the student planner (please make sure the student brings those notes to the attention of the teacher).  For other communication, the school number is 907/892-9500. Please note that it is difficult to answer my classroom phone during class time when we are actively learning.