• This year Colony High School Math Department is trying a new strategy for teaching Geometry: a flipped classroom.  All Geometry teachers are going to try this new model to provide more support in class on assignments.  
    How does it work? We are so glad you asked. Students will watch videos (at home, after school, during advisory, wherever they have access) of the lessons as homework.  In class, students will practice the content so they will have the support of the teacher and other students when they get stuck.  On some nights, when a video is not assigned, students may bring home an assignment that allows more practice of what they practiced in class.  This should allow a lot more support during the initial practice phase so they can get the help they need right away.  
    What happens if they are absent?  The work missed during class is not easy to replicate so a student will be able to complete an assignment from their textbook to help gain understanding of the material.  Attendance is important because of the help provided during class, so please do your best to attend class! 
    Online textbook and resources: http://my.hrw.com
    your login information should be the login and password that you use to log into any school computer.
    Where are the videos and handouts? Look to the left of the screen and you will see links for each chapter.  The YouTube videos will be embedded on the page and any blue underlined words will be links to handouts that a student can print from home.  
    What if my student doesn't have internet access at home?  The goal is for the videos to always be less than 30 minutes and we always aim for about 15 minutes.  Students can use their advisory time, lunch time, after school time, library time at school to watch videos on ipods, phones, school computers if access at home is not possible (please bring headphones if this is what you are planning).  Teachers will also have files that can be downloaded to flash drives for students to take home and watch on computers (please bring flash drive).  If there is no internet at home, no computer at home, but DVD access is available let Mrs. Settle (amanda.settle@matsuk12.us) know and she can burn DVD's that can be checked out from the library.  We really want all students to be successful in Geometry and are looking forward to an amazing year!