What happens if you are absent?  The work missed during class is not easy to replicate so a student will be able to complete an assignment from their textbook to help gain understanding of the material.  Attendance is important because of the help provided during class, so please do your best to attend class! Note videos will be added to each student's google classroom when time allows.
    Online textbook and resources: Go to "google.com" and ensure you are logged in to your school google account.  Click on the "waffle" (9 dots in upper right corner), then scroll down and click on the  "easybridge" link. This will take you to the online textbook. 
    Where are the videos and handouts? Look to the left of the screen and you will see links for each chapter.  The YouTube videos will be embedded on the page and any blue underlined words will be links to handouts that a student can print from home.  
    What if my student doesn't have internet access at home?  Print textbooks can be checked out in the library.