Course Practices and Procedures

    2023 - 2024

    Teeland P.E. Teachers: Mr. Knopp, Mr. Jaronik, Mrs. Kelly

    GOALS:  The National P.E. Standards for Physical education are used as guidelines for Teeland’s P.E. program.  The six standards are listed below:

    A Physically educated person:

    1. Demonstrates competency in many movement forms and proficiency in a few movement forms.

    2. Exhibits a physically active lifestyle.

    3. Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

    4. Demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity settings.

    5. Demonstrates understanding and respect for differences among people in physical activity settings.

    6. Understands that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interactions.

    CLOTHING:  For the same reason of health, safety and personal hygiene; classroom clothing may not be worn while participating in P.E. classes.  Please label all P.E. clothes and shoes, as the school is NOT responsible for lost or stolen articles.  To be prepared and earn points in class, students are required to have and wear the following items for each class:

    T-shirt and sweatshirt, athletic shorts or sweatpants, and proper athletic shoes are acceptable.

    Outdoor gear- appropriate outdoor gear will be needed when we go outside. 

    Shoes: Absolutely no slides, crocs, boots, heels,etc.  Students will be unable to participate in PE for the day, without proper footwear.  PE has many available shoes to borrow for the day that are available for student use.

    LOCKS:  Locks are issued to each student.  He/she is responsible for the lock.  To replace a lost lock, a fee of $8.00 will be charged at the office before a new lock will be issued.  Privately owned locks are not allowed.

    MEDICAL CONCERNS:  All medical problems are handled through the school nurse.  Contact her BEFORE school.  DISTRICT POLICY:  Students may not be excused from participating in activities for more than 3 days without a doctor’s excuse on file in the nurse’s office.  Students are responsible for missed P.E. work.  Written or modified assignments will be required each day.  Very Important- All injuries MUST be reported immediately to your P.E. teacher.


    1. For safety reasons gum chewing is not allowed.  Most jewelry is to be removed. No capes, pajamas, scarves or tails will be permitted.  Hair that may obstruct vision or become caught in the equipment must be tied back.  Students are encouraged not to bring valuables to school.

    2. Bathroom stalls in locker rooms are not to be used as changing rooms.

    3. P.E. equipment is never to be used without permission.

    4. Glass containers, cologne, perfume, hair spray, food and drink are not allowed in gym or locker rooms.

    5. Students are not to be in the P.E. offices, laundry, or equipment rooms before, after, or during classes.

    6. Water Bottles need to be placed in the bleachers. 

    7. Cell phones and Earbuds are not permitted in the gym.

    GRADES:  Final quarter grades will be 60% daily points and 40 % assessments.

    • 1 point dressing out

    • 2 points warm-up

    • 2 points sportsmanship

    • 5 points participation (students 2 points self assessment)

    Ten points total per day

    REMOTE LEARNING:   Assignments can be found on Google Classroom. Letter grades A-F, 10 points per day with the requirement of 60 minutes of activity a day.  This will only be used in the event of going remote.

    MAKE- UP WORK:  It is the student’s responsibility to complete make-up work for each absence. See your PE teacher for an alternate PE makeup assignment. 

    REMEMBER:  No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well-being of others.

    This document is available on the TMS Website for review at:  https://www.matsuk12.us/domain/5753

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