• The purposes of homework are to practice newly taught skills, review previously mastered skills, and develop independent study habits, or to extend and enrich the curriculum.

     The appropriate time limits that children at each grade level should devote to homework each night are:


    Kindergarten: 10-20 Minutes

    1st Grade: 10-20 minutes

    2nd Grade:  20 minutes

    3rd Grade:  30 minutes

    4th Grade:  40 minutes

    5th Grade:  50 minutes


    **These time limits are for regularly assigned homework.  This does not take into account makeup work needing to be completed due to missed work due to a student absence. 


    ·         Homework should be related to the curriculum of the school.

    ·         Homework should not be used as a behavior management tool or as a form of punishment.

    ·         Homework should not be done by parents.

    ·         Homework may be given four nights per week and should not be assigned on weekends.

    ·         Reading assignments are to be incorporated into homework time allotments at each grade level, but voluntary reading beyond homework guidelines is encouraged.

    ·         Long-term projects should be assigned at least two weekends before the work is due.

    ·         Homework guidelines for students with special needs may be determined by the student’s educational plan and should be specifically related to the student’s IEP.