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Degrees and Certifications:

Education Level: M.Ed., University of Alaska Certified Endorsements: Library Media Specialist, K-12 English as a Second Language, Pre-K - 6 Mathematics, K-8 Classroom Teacher, K-6 Additional Certifications: Google Certified Educator Level 2 Promethean/ActivInspire Certified Trainer Specific Language Disorder Certified Instructor Activities & Accomplishments: District Health Curriculum Committee BP Teacher of the Year Nominee for Kindergarten, 4th Grade, and K-1 Looping Teacher

Mrs. Heather Rains

"Teaching is spectacularly unlimited...this is why I chose teaching: To share my life with young people, to shape and touch the future."
                                    - W. Ayers


Born to US parents abroad, the majority of my elementary years and early adventures were experienced in rural Alaska before my family moved 'into town'. There is just nothing that compares to living in a rural town which has roads but is not connected to the road system and is populated by 550 people who all know your parents. I grew up with a sense of freedom and security unattainable in big cities, learning to navigate by river landmarks, memorizing aerial views of the land from the windows in a small plane, and living primarily off what we hunted and gathered. That all changed when we moved into Fairbanks for middle/high school, but those roots run deep.

In 2004, I completed the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education program at University of Alaska, and started teaching in the Mat-Su Valley where I have grown to love all of the elementary grades. 
I have since completed my Masters of Education (M.Ed.) and am currently certified to teach K-6 Classroom, K-8 Mathematics, PreK-6 ESL, and K-12 Library Media. I also hold specialized certifications in Specific Language Disability Learning and am a Google Certified Educator Level 2.