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    Lexia Core5 is a research based online adaptive program that individualizes student learning based on the student's needs. This program is geared for Grades K - 8. This program is used for both tiered interventions or extended learning.

    Protocol for Purchasing Lexia Licenses

    Lexia License Purchasing
    To purchase licenses for Lexia please contact:
    Penny Rosner
    Account Executive
    Direct: 425 09 1886
    Office: 800-435-3942 X6346
    Email:  prosner@lexialearning.com

    Adding School Administrators

    School Administrators
    1. School administrators are determined by the principal or administration of each school. An email needs to be sent to the Ed Tech by the school administrator granting permission for that change to occur.
    2. School administrators are responsible for adding new teachers in their schools. 

    How to Add Teachers to myLexia

    1. When creating a staff login complete all the starred boxes. 
    2. Use the teachers district email address.
    Creating Staff Accounts

    How to add Classes and Students in myLexia

    How to add Students
     How to add students in Lexia  
    How to add Classes 
    Adding Classes in Lexia

    Lexia CORE5 Resources


    Protocol for Start of Year

    LexiaCore5 Resources

    Protocol for End of Year

    LexiaCore5 Resources
Last Modified on May 8, 2018