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    MobyMax is an extension and intervention program that helps to the K-8 math curriculum in the district.  It is an engaging and interactive program for student instruction that provides a blended approach to instruction.


    General Navigation

    The MobyMax program provides  multiple tutorials in both video and written directions for using the program with students.
    Teachers should login with their district email and password. Then use the Help Tab to locate information for FAQ's and videos. If a teacher does not have a login please see your school MobyMax administrator or instructional coach. If they are not available please contact the Intervention Ed Tech.
    MobyMax Help Tab  

    How to Add Classes and Students

    School MobyMax administrators should ensure that teachers are set up in their school. If they are transferred please contact the Ed Tech to transfer the teacher to the school. 
    Students can be imported from School Max or any list created in a CSV file. This all takes place under the student Roster  icon.  
    Student Roster Icon  
    Students can be shared with other teachers or transferred to other classes and schools from this icon.
    Registering students in MobyMax  
    Please see the Help tab for additional instructions. 

    Resources and FAQ's

Last Modified on August 22, 2016